Moving: How To Reduce Stress And Increase Efficiency

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Moving is an exciting time for all of us. Taking your whole house apart in order to just pack it into boxes again, is an exhilarating experience in itself. You will probably find all the random things you’ve lost around the house over the years while you’re at it. It’s a win-win scenario. While the feeling of knowing you will soon be moving into your new house usually is enough to overpower the existential dread of knowing you will soon have to transport several hundred kilograms of clutter to your new destination, the feeling never really goes away until you’re done. Now, while the whole thing may not be the easiest process, there’s no need to make it harder for yourself, have a look at some tips and tricks you can pick up for the next time you are moving house.

Pack in advance

This may seem like a rather obvious and generic tip since a wise person does nearly everything in advance, but honestly, this is probably one of the better things you could do for yourself in this scenario. Having everything ready by the time the actual moving will start, will take a gigantic load off your shoulders and make the entire process a much less stressful experience. The people moving all your stuff, including yourself, will thank you. Not to mention, you will have extra time to realize if you are missing or forgetting anything. If you do everything last minute, the probability of something getting left behind is quite high.

Should you hire a moving service?

If you do not have any friends with spacious cars handy, or a car of your own, Happly Removalists (or those from a similar company in your area) might very well be a worthy investment. Even if you do have one, having to carry everything down possible stairs and relatively long distances is not something one should have to do alone. So, if you are either short on helpers or means of transportation, a moving service like mybekis moving companies is highly recommended.

Take the opportunity to declutter.

Since you will be going through everything in the house first so you can then pack it, it’s the perfect time to go and throw away all the useless clutter which you were just not bothered to throw away beforehand. Since it is no longer behind the dresser but in your hand, might as well just make the trip to the bin this time around.

Start packing with non-essential items

Whatever you start packing first, will be the thing you probably unpack last. They will be the things stuck at the bottom of boxes, underneath a million other heavy things. While this may be unavoidable, you can always try and make use of the situation. Start your packing with all the things which you are definitely taking, but will not need to take out straight away. Things like books, DVDs, ornaments, out of season clothing, they will not be in urgent need the moment you get to your new house. When you arrive, you can get to handling the essentials rather than trying to set up the bookcases so you can get to your laptop which is stuck at the bottom of one of the boxes.

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