What to Wear to Your Own Birthday Party

Having a moment to yourself matters when you’re a busy mummy having 2 little kids to take care of 24\7. Being one myself I made a little pact with my beloved man (who, by the way, is a service member and is away most of the time) to organize a special evening or a day meet-up on the day of my birthday.

That tradition has been going for so long that I really don’t care about my age anymore. I just want to have fun when it’s my special day.

And since you are what you wear, I always take into consideration the outfit for my party. Either it’s a silly costume that fits the theme of the party we’re throwing or a pretty little dress for the girl’s night out – doesn’t matter.

If you’re contemplating about what to and what not to wear on your birthday, read along for a handful of hopefully useful tips.

Being Pretty Doesn’t Equal Buying Expensive

Number one rule for your set is – your outfit doesn’t have to be expensive in order for you to feel good in it and to look awesome for your special night.

If you’re a regular on this blog, you already read through some tips on how to transform your living space with little luxuries. This can apply to your birthday outfit also.

The dress itself doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as the little things and pieces of jewelry align with it and are adding pieces to the puzzle for an extra glimmer.

Choosing the Right Dress

The main ingredient to your outfit is definitely the dress that you’re going to be wearing. When it comes to choosing an appropriate dress for the wedding, don’t just buy something new with buy now, pay later schemes.

If you can’t afford it, you probably won’t necessarily need it.

Needless to say, your choice can easily be some old dress that someone bought you years ago. Some fancy knittings or strings can refurbish and breathe a new life into your old dress, so you can shine like a star in your special night.

Consider the Time of the Day and the Theme of the Party

Maybe you decide to make things a bit extraordinary and to throw a themed party instead. If that’s the case, your outfit will naturally depend on the theme chosen.

It can be a no-brainer like throwing a pajama party with your friends or you can spice it up a little and go for something more daring.

Also, if you’re in a position to throw a pool party your birthday will most probably take place during the day, and not in the night. If that’s the case, presumably you won’t even need a dress. Hawaiian looks and floral designs are what will go best with cocktails and the Sun.

Have Fun

Last but not the least, the most important thing is not to be forgotten here – no matter what your party is about and how many people are invited or what you chose to wear, you need to have a good time above all.


Don’t forget to create unforgettable memories and to take some crazy pictures so you can freeze those moments in time forever.

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