Military Relocation? 3 Strategies To Help Your Kids Adjust

For military families, PCS (Permanent Change of Station) is a way of life. While it’s difficult for adults to navigate the steps of moving to a new home, it is equally hard on children. Many children of military families move and change schools five or more times before graduating from high school. For kids, it can feel like an endless cycle of saying goodbye, sorting through all their belongings, and starting over again in a new school and a new home. This article will detail some strategies to help military kids adjust to a move with sympathy and support.

Help Your Child Learn About The New Location

When they are getting ready to move, children are anxious to know what the new place will be like. Involving them in the moving process can help them alleviate their anxiety. Help your child make a list of questions they want to research, such as looking at schools, their new neighborhood, and what their new house will look like.

Help Your Child Focus On The Positives Of Moving

There are various ways to help your child cope with a military move. One way is to remind your children that meeting new people and making new friends can be exciting and fun. Perhaps your children have trouble with friends or teachers in their current school—moving can mean a fresh start. Getting to explore the new area can also be fun. Perhaps there are special attractions near the new house that aren’t available in their current home. Using a professional mover can alleviate stress and help the whole family look at the move more positively.

Make The Trip Fun

Sometimes, the entire family will be too anxious about the move to enjoy the trip. Take the time to plan fun activities along the way. Something as simple as packing familiar toys to have in the back seat or on the plane could be a big help for a young child. Perhaps you can find a book or movie about your new home and enjoy it during the trip. Taking stops along the way to let the children play is also helpful. Letting kids stretch their legs can also help with siblings fighting out of boredom.

A military move can be uniquely stressful for the entire family, but using these tips should help parents smooth out the worst of the transition. Children are resilient but need parents’ support to conquer the challenges of moving. It might be a good idea to hire moving professionals, like those at Bekins Van Lines Inc, to help minimize the stress of a move. You may consider doing additional research to find more ways to help your children cope with moving.

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