6 Resume Tips for Job Hunters

Managers working in the HR department often state that they skim over resumes in just a few seconds. They also say that horrible resumes are more plentiful than ever before. Take a look at resume tips below to ensure your resume is up to par and gives you a far better chance at getting an interview.

‘Skimmable’ Information is Essential

When a position in a workplace is open there is likely going to be a handful of resumes for the hiring manager to go over. That means your resume will probably only be looked at for a few moments, around 10 to 20 seconds. This highlights how important it is to create a resume that is effortless to skim read.

A few tips for a skimmable resume include designing it to follow a logical format and using a font that is large, clear and easy to read. Also, make use of bold writing and headings when appropriate. Make important adjectives bold, create larger headings for achievements and make sure all important personality traits and accomplishments are written in a bold text.

State Accomplishments Alongside Work History

In almost every technical field, the hiring manager will be looking for signs that you’re able to help their business solve problems and get things done. You can show them that you’re a fit for their role by highlighting what your accomplishments are in each job or each previous role you’ve held. Talk about the accomplishments under each job title and don’t write the description of the role.

It might be beneficial to state in a single line what the job’s role was, but other than that you must show the hiring manager that you’re a skilled, expert problem solver who is a perfect fit for the role on offer.

Lastly, stay far away from any type of copied or generic sounding job descriptions. A single sentence you write describing your previous job can be used as a way to show that you really understand what you were expected to do.

No General Statements or Accomplishments

According to hiring managers, one of the most common mistakes people make on their resumes is the overuse of general statements and accomplishment statements filled with jargon. The person reading the resume won’t know what you mean and that could mean they dismiss a huge achievement.

To make sure everyone reading your resume actually understands the message you’re trying to send you should always quantify all of your accomplishments. That means using numbers, percentages and revenue growth wherever you can. Doing this will ensure there’s little to no room for ambiguity and misunderstanding and you’ll be on your way to an interview.

Showcase Voluntary Work or Learning

In almost every field, a candidate who is a self-starter and proactive with their learning and personal growth is going to look the most attractive. With that said, you should certainly make sure to include any and all relevant voluntary work or learning you have undertaken. This will show potential employers that not only do you have these skills, but you’ve taken the initiative to go out and get these on your own.

It’s important to remember that these skills or learning activities don’t need to be fully-fledged bachelor degrees. They can be anything from simply helping out a local Salvation Army or even learning something from an online educator like Cluey Learning or Lynda. Regardless of what the course was, it’s something HR teams would really like to see in their ideal candidates.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Yourself

It’s common for most applicants to feel uncomfortable selling themselves on their resume. You have to look past this and utilise as many business-friendly verbs as you can to really get the message across. Instead of simply saying you ‘worked’ in marketing you should say that you ‘modernized’ the marketing department.

These types of statements and headers make so much more impact for hiring managers and really showcase you as a person and an employee. Sell yourself and your skills and you’ll be perceived as an invaluable asset.  

Be Conceited and Proud

On a resume, no one cares how vein you sound. In fact, the more proud you sound, the more likely you are to show the hiring manager that you’re the right fit for the job. Showcase how great you were in a previous role, how your personality makes for an effective leader and make sure that you ensure the department knows you’re ready to change the workplace for the better.

If there are any awards you’ve won, things you’ve accomplished and any public recognition you may have achieved then certainly make sure that’s in your resume. It’s a good idea to put major achievements in a list and make sure the text is bold so they are visible in a glance.

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