10 Part Time Jobs to Get You Through College

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If you are currently enrolled in college, you probably don’t have a whole lot of money right? You don’t have to wait to get your degree in order to make some cash. Here are 10 part-time jobs that can help you get through college.

  1. Tutor – Tutoring is a great part-time job for college students, especially if there is a particular class you are good in. You can use your knowledge to tutor students who seem to be struggling with the class.
  2. Clerical worker – Clerical workers work in offices and their duties usually include things like answering the phone, maintaining files, and scheduling appointments.
  3. Social media assistant – As a social media assistant, you would be responsible for tasks like helping businesses with content marketing and managing social media accounts.
  4. Online researcher – Online researchers are responsible for helping business professionals with researching online to provide the client with the best answers.
  5. Night auditor – As a night auditor, you would be working at a hotel during the overnight hours. Your tasks would include things like supporting bookkeeping operations, paperwork assignments, and guest relations assistance.
  6. Nanny – Working as a nanny is a great part-time for college students. As a nanny, you will likely get paid a decent income while setting your own schedule at the same time.
  7. Host/Hostess – Many college students work in a restaurant as a host or hostess to earn some extra cash. As a host or hostess, you will perform duties like greeting restaurant patrons.
  8. Waiter – Being a waiter is a pretty lucrative job for a college student. You would normally work in the evening hours so you could still attend classes during the day.
  9. Content Editor – A content editor job means that you will be looking over various documents to ensure accurate spelling and grammar.
  10. Guest service coordinator – As a guest service coordinator, you will usually be working in some type of large industry such as tourism or nonprofit. As part of the job, you will do things like help resolve customer issues.

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