Little-Known Beauty Secrets from Around the World

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s no surprise that different parts of our planet with different cultures have different beauty standards. They may vary in many things, such as women’s figure, hair or skin color, dress, and even behavior, but as far as the most important indicator of beauty – a woman’s face – is considered, they all agree on one thing. Wrinkleless, youthful and radiant face is what all women across the globe strive for.

See which one of these tips you can use and make the best out of every country’s more or less-known beauty secrets.


What are Japanese women adored for? Their beautiful skin complexion and beautiful silky dark hair. To get the same shine to your hair, increase the iodine intake which can be found in seaweed and seafood.

Japanese women also learn to stay out of the sun from their earliest days. As opposed to Western ladies whose focus is primarily on avoiding wrinkles, in Japan, the main focus is on having a flawless complexion. They even go as far as trying gimmicky and dubious inventions like topical forms of collagen, or silkworm cocoon shells, which is similar to the current Western trend of using snail slime creams.


Lotions, creams, sprays, wipes, and anything with SPF 50+ are essential if you’re Chinese. Bronzy, sunkissed tan isn’t appealing to them at all. Surely, you must admire their snow-white poreless skin.

There may be a genetic component to why Chinese women age much later in life, or maybe there’s something to the rice water tonic they use on their faces. It should not be a surprise as rice water, is made simply by straining out the water that the rice was soaking in for 20 minutes. It’s very rich in antioxidants and it helps free your skin from harmful radicals.


Moving on to the land down under. Australian women do enjoy their days in the sun, they believe that salt water is a cure for every illness, plus it gives you the perfect beachy waves. Because of Australia’s warm climate, they have to be particularly smart about their skin and use high-quality skin care and makeup products. That being said, every Aussie girl is probably going to have a Napoleon Perdis product in their bag, in case their natural beauty needs a quick touch of runway glamour.

A less-known beauty secret in case you’re dealing with stretch marks is to use yarrow root extract cream to massage those areas. Apart from an anti-inflammatory compound, it also moisturizes the skin beautifully.

If your scalp is itchy or you have dandruff, a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil in their shampoo should do the trick.


What do women in Nordic countries do to make themselves beautiful? They go to the sauna. Not only is it relaxing for your body and your spirit, it also helps get rid of your body of toxins. Saunas are part of the traditional beauty methods of Scandinavian people.

Another thing that you can do at home is to use cold mineral water to firm your skin and reduce puffiness in the morning. It works much better than the eye masks you keep in the refrigerator.


Probably the entire world thinks that women in France are born with natural beauty and elegance. While their appearance may be connected to the unique French state of mind and lifestyle, nothing comes that easy.

Face and body milk cleansers are highly popular with French women. Milk contains AHA acids that gently exfoliate the skin making it fresh and youthful. Add milk into your bath to get the most of its beneficial properties, and an essential oil you prefer, for example, lavender, or chamomile and − voila! Watch as your skin gets silky smooth.

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