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Muffuletta:  Sandwich or Submarine?

Muffuletta is a sandwich that you might have never heard of, but once you have one, you will LOVE it!  Originally, a Muffuletta was created by Italian immigrants in New Orleans and it’s similar to a submarine sandwich, but so much better.  This sandwich is amazing for gatherings, as an appetizer, or for picnics.  I love to bring a Muffuletta to a picnic and watch everyone look at it quizzically, then smile when they give it a good bite.  What sets it apart that makes it so phenomenal?  You press the Muffuletta overnight in the refrigerator, melding the flavors together to make the best sandwich you’ve ever sunk your teeth into.

What Makes a Muffuletta?

An authentic Muffuletta starts out with a large, round loaf of rustic Italian bread.  Hollowed out, it becomes the cradle for meats, cheeses, and giardiniera, an Italian pickled salad that you can find in with other pickles and olives or the Italian section of the grocery store.  I typically buy whatever meat is on sale at the deli.  I just happened to find Deitz and Watson, a premium brand of deli meat, on sale for $5.99 per pound, which is even less than the store brand!  I picked up some black forest ham, beautiful roast beef, and oven roasted turkey, as well as some garlic Monterey Jack cheese.  Traditionally, Muffuletta is filled with Italian meats, such as dry salami, provolone cheese, and spicy ham, but those are hard to find where I live, if not impossible,  So I bought what looked the best and made it slightly different, but just as tasty!


Quick and Easy, Muffuletta is Great on a Hot Summer Night

Making a Muffuletta takes only about 10 minutes of actual work, and yields lots of mmmm’s and aaaahhh’s from everyone eating it.  Pack it up for a picnic, toss it in your lunch pail and make your workmates jealous, or just make a Muffuletta for an easy dinner night and serve it up with a side of chips or a salad.

Surprise your family with something different for dinner and make a Muffuletta!




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  1. I have lived in small towns myself, and wanted to give a few hints on acquiring various foods and spices you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find locally. I learned of these resources having a retail store. Safeway does carry a brand called Columbus, which has salamis, bologna, and other Italian cold cuts. Always ask in your local store, they may have the items in a specialty area, or allow you to order them. I actually found Mezzetta brand “Muffuletta” (which is the like gardeniera, but minced so it’s easy to spread on a sandwich and pile high) in Cash & Carry, which, although you don’t have a restaurant, will often let you shop there and pay in cash. Restaurant Food Supply Stores are another place to ask, even if they won’t let you shop there. Ask your favorite mom & pop if they’d do you the favor of picking up the ingredients you need, next time they go- chances are, it’s no problem. The bread you used looks fantastic- you might want to ask the people who baked it, where they go (unless you baked it yourself) as they may have other resources. Your sandwich looks terrific, I commend you for using plenty of meat, how a real sandwich should be!

  2. Wow, that looks and sounds like an amazing meal!! I have heard of the muffuletta before, but i have never tried one and i certainly didnt know how to make one. It sounds so delicious i may have to try it out-especially when the days get unbearably hot like you said-great dinner for hot summer days. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I’d love to try this interesting sandwich. It’s a bummer some of those things are hard-to-find near you. I guess I’m lucky to live in a yuppie area where the grocery stores are stocked full of super-yummy goodies!

  4. I love an ooey gooey grilled cheese with sliced tomato and mayo OR a homegrown sliced tomato sammich with plenty of mayo and salt or wait! A fabulous BLT with lots of bacon and mayo!! Or ……….the list could go on and on!!

  5. I make a sandwich on a multigrain sandwich flat with cucumber slices, alfalfa sprouts, Roma Tomato, Turkey Bacon and cream cheese that is to die for. Just talking about it makes me want one right now!!!

  6. Good Morning. How are you today? It is 3 am here, so .. so far so good lol. This whole recipe is full of new things for me. I have never heard of this type of sandwich and I have never heard of giardiniera, And, I’m still not sure I would want it on my sandwich lol. But, I think I will look into it. Thank you. pinning this for later. Vicki.

    1. GM Vicki! 🙂 I’m doing great. lol Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the pin! 🙂

  7. To make at home, an open-faced tuna melt: tuna salad topped with alfalfa sprouts topped with Muenster cheese and melted under the broiler.

  8. the sandwhich is look good i have not tryed them that are look ing good

    and the samdnwhch i like is peanut butter and mayo

  9. These look great! However, when I make a sandwich I usually go to for quick and easy, but maybe I’ll try one of these since they look so yummy.

  10. So this sounds super yummy and will make for sure for an upcoming picnic but I am not a huge fan of meat so I would lessen the meat only for me everyone else loves meat more the better

  11. omg this loooooks sooooooooo scrumptious.. well. .minus the tomatoes!! i want one!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Dolores. Neat! I will head over and check it out. 🙂 Juliana is in Indiana. This is her masterpiece. 😉 ~ April

  12. That is really interesting! I LOVE sandwiches! I don’t really have a favorite there are so many good ones!

  13. That looks amazing, can’t wait to try it. I think egg salad with some bacon is my fave.

  14. Muffuletta is Great on a Hot Summer Night and I made it. Very good. A different type of a sandwich.

  15. this muffaletts looks absolutely fantastic!! I will be making this over the weekend for sure!!!!!

  16. All of these recipes look good. I am going to try making the Muffuletta the ultimate sandwich.

  17. our family favorite sandwich is Grilled chicken my kids love it … thank you all for the chance and all this sandwich looks so yummy i am so trying one them love them 🙂

  18. Very informative. I had no idea really what a muffuletta was. Good to know…now I need to try one. 🙂

  19. Totally want to make this. Have been craving them bad. Thanks for the how to’s!

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