Top Baby Items for 2021 – Making Parenting a Little Easier

As I sit to pen these words my mind is overwhelmed. It seems yesterday that I was the one in need of a post like this and the sweet baby items that make parenting a little easier. How can it be that 17 short years ago I welcomed my first into my arms? Now, here I am, on the eve of sending me two eldest into high school and my sweet caboose into middle school. So many long days have made up the fleeting years and here I sit… looking back at the ones who stole my heart and forward to welcoming a sweet GREAT niece into our family in a few short weeks. The circle of life continues and gets sweeter with each birth. 

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Little-Known Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s no surprise that different parts of our planet with different cultures have different beauty standards. They may vary in many things, such as women’s figure, hair or skin color, dressing and even behavior, but as far as the most important indicator of beauty – a woman’s face – is considered, they all agree on one thing. Wrinkleless, youthful and radiant face is what all the women across the globe strive for.

Image beauty secrets from around the world

See which one of these tips you can use and make the best out of every country’s more or less known beauty secrets.

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