Why Try Therapy: 4 Major Reasons

Why should you go to therapy? Have you ever wondered? Is therapy a fad, or a lifestyle? Is there room for therapy to be considered an everyday practice? There are so many people who suffer from some sort of mental condition that cannot be treated with medication but somehow needs to be dealt with. And it is really unfortunate that only 45 to 60 percent of these people actually do seek the help they so gravely need. People who do need therapy are usually the ones who just feel everything really intensely. They may have suffered from trauma, frequent headaches, disconnection from loved ones, and strained relationships. This also leads to substance abuse at times which does not help much. But the question still remains as to why one should go for therapy. For the sake of the readers, I have discussed a few pointers that might clarify this query. Have a read –

  • Loving And Accepting Oneself – There are often times when people are unable to love themselves. This may be due to various reasons that might not even sound like they are an issue but for some, they are as big as it can get. Therapists in Los Angeles play an important role in these people’s lives as they make them understand why it is perfectly okay to be imperfect, and thereby accept themselves as they are.
  • Working on Relationships–Relationships are the first things that get destroyed when someone is suffering from mental illness. Mental illness does not always mean an extreme situation. It can also mean minute episodes of depression and as well as paranoia. Regardless, personal as well as professional relationships are bound to be damaged and crushed. This calls for an urgent need for therapy in Los Angeles.
  • Being A Good Parent–Parenting takes becomes more difficult when you have a mental illness. Parenting is not easy. It takes courage, patience, and perseverance to be a good parent. You need to show up when your child needs you to be there. That is parenting in a nutshell. But when you are at war with yourself, it is hard to be a good parent. It often happens that we go back to the same practices that our parents followed and we hated so deeply. This can often lead to complications and hindrance in relationships. That is why it is advised to go for family therapy if you are having problems in your family because of mental issues. Therapy can help you get out of this loop and be the parent you should be.
  • Excelling In One’s Career –It may seem at first that only personal life is affected due to mental illnesses. And rightfully so, personal life is the first thing that gets the firsthand experience. This may be because people are often good at pretending to be alright. But only for a while. Soon, it becomes unbearable to pretend. As a result, your professional life suffers as well. You are not able to focus, you are not able to comprehend, you are unable to cope up with the pressure, and eventually, you break down. There have been plenty of cases where promising careers have crashed into abysmal pits and never rose again. It is thus advised to get in touch with a therapist to fix things up. Therapy Los Angeles will enable you to explore, practice, and experiment with your thoughts and feelings. Different problems can have different solutions.

I hope this helped you understand a little bit as to why therapy is important and how it can be helpful. 

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