Top Coffee Health Trends

Contributed by Jennifer Dawson

 Photo by Nathan Dumlao 

Coffee is an adaptable and versatile drink, which can have health benefits if prepared in the right way. It can be consumed black or with added milk and sugar, but in recent years, the popularity of alternative flavor combinations has increased. In the USA, coffee is a $40bn a year business, but the benefits of drinking coffee will depend upon how it is prepared. Below are some recent trends that can make your coffee delicious, while improving your physical health.

Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Ginger

Google trends reveal that searches for turmeric coffee have increased 300% in the last five years and it’s easy to see why. Along with cinnamon and ginger, these ingredients act as anti-inflammatories.

Long-term, chronic inflammation is responsible for almost all diseases in the modern world, from heart disease and cancer to age-related disorders such as Alzheimer’s. By adding these ingredients to your brew, you can help prevent these diseases from occurring. They may also help to boost mood and energy, perfect for an early morning start.

Fruit Smoothie

If bitterness is a problem for you, you have several options. You can add salt to coffee to remove the bitter taste, or add something sweet. However, too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes and artificial sweeteners can be just as bad or worse.

An alternative is to use fresh fruit. Bananas, blueberries, and mangos are filled with vitamins and minerals that help your body to function. Diets high in these foods can reduce the risk of diabetes or stroke, while providing the sweetness you crave. Simply add a spoonful of coffee to a smoothie recipe of your choice and you’re good to go.

Nitro Coffee

A nitro brew is a brand new way of making ice coffee. By using a pressurized tap, this coffee comes out tasting crisp, creamy and smooth. Both taste and texture are enhanced, meaning you can enjoy a coffee without needing to add milk, sugar or cream. You get all the low-calorie benefits of a black coffee, but in a drink which is smooth and without bitterness.

There are so many new ways of drinking coffee and we’ve barely scratched the surface. 2018 likely sees yet more superfood trends, as people experiment with new recipes. If you enjoy a coffee but want to work on your health, then consider finding a new flavor combination that works for you.

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