Top 5 Daily Ways to Take Care For Happier Mind And Healthy Body

The human as an entity is made of the spirit, soul and the body, with the body serving as a house for these other parts. Having good a good quality of function for these different parts is therefore very much dependent on the amount of care spent on them individually. As a person, being in a great state of mind can easily be noticed on the body as a happy mind is directly proportional to a healthy body. 

However, having a happy mind is not enough, you also have to take absolute care of your body also, irrespective of how healthy that body is prior. Taking care of the body is however not an easy task as it is quite easy to get overwhelmed with everyday busy schedules, creating time to actually take care then becomes a very difficult task to perform. 

Different measures can be taken to ensure that the body is well taken care of, these measures can be made so simple such that they can easily be included into one’s everyday routine without so much of a hassle involved, they include eating right, regular exercise, reducing stress, amidst many others. Let’s talk about these wellness tips.

What Are  Practical Steps to Take Care of Your Body?

As earlier stated, taking care of the body can involve a wide range of methods. Different individuals have adopted different means of achieving this, which is quite relative to their individual preference. Some of these steps include:

Sleeping well

The body is composed of different systems and organs that constantly work round the clock to maintain its function. It can, therefore, be implied that the human body works at virtually every hour of each day. As such it is very important to take enough rest so as to reduce the amount of workload performed by the body.

Sleeping for some individuals does not however come that easily and can be due to a number of factors which ranges from medical conditions to the type of food ingested to even stress. According to ancient Ayurveda philosophy, the different Ayurveda elements hold different roles in the sleep function; kapha being responsible for inducing sleep while the Vata and pitta elements responsible for insomnia. 

Taking deliberate steps to ensure that the right amount of sleep needed per day is attained is very vital. Standardly, it is expected that every individual sleeps at least an average of 6-8 hours each day, this will enable different functions for the body to rejuvenate during this period of time, thereby enhancing a healthy body. 

Eating natural

It is of no obvious surprise that the body’s output is highly dependent on the input, that is food, taken in. in recent times, there are more varieties of food available, creating a picture of easy feeding. However, the nutrients present in these widely available food is often times nothing of much use to the body.  As such it is best to go back to the former mode of getting nutrients directly from organic vegetable plants with sources such as vegetables and fruits. 

Fruits and vegetables are well loaded in specific nutrients which are very essential for use in the body. These nutrients such as vitamins, essential nutrients and even antioxidants are not easily found in just any food source available, hence the emphasis on fruits and vegetables specifically. As much as these nutrients are not easily available, they are vital contributors to sharpening the mind and also boosting the function of a healthy body.

Drinking  more water

Over 60% of the human body is composed of water, also a number of body function uses water as a medium to actively function, as such, the importance of water in the body is one that cannot be over- emphasized. Metabolism, for one, is the means by which the body replenishes energy for every other function and it requires water to enhance it. 

Water also activates the mind by relieving the body of sluggishness, and mood changes that accompany dehydration. As such, taking in more water will serve as a great means of developing a healthier body.

Engaging in more physical activity

The human body is not one that was designed to be sedentary in nature. Physical activity provides the body with a number of benefits which enhances a wide range of function in the body. The heart, for instance, is the organ responsible for blood circulation to other parts of the body and physical activity has been shown to be instrumental in enhancing the heart function. As such, circulation is increased to other body parts and as such their functions are also enhanced. 

Increased physical activity has been shown to release certain hormones into the body, these hormones help directly or indirectly with enhancing the appearance and also boosting the mind level of an individual.

Practice mind engaging activities

Activities that involve sessions with the mind such as meditations have been shown to do great for the mind, and body in extension. These activities help to release the mind of heavy, unpleasant thoughts clogging it and refilling it with more refreshing and relaxing thoughts.

Engaging in fun things you love doing, such as reading, singing, can also provide similar effects like these.


Engaging these different ways listed above can help to create a happier and healthy body for individuals. The place of regularly visiting a doctor for examination should however also not be underemphasized, as early detection of possible illness has always been shown to have a better prognosis than later. 

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