How Having Indoor Plants Can Improve Your Mood

When you think of indoor plants, the first thing that may come to your mind is how they improve your interior design. House plants are a great creative touch to add to your house. But having indoor plants doesn’t just benefit the design of your homes or offices—they also benefit the people spending time inside that home or office. Indoor plants are known to be good mood boosters, stress relievers, and eliminate air pollutants.

There are times when we’re filled with tension inside our houses or inside our offices and we just want to escape for a little while from being stuck inside. And so, there are some who take a walk in the park or go and drive to a panoramic view of trees and flowers. That’s because when we are surrounded by nature, it helps relieve mental stress. While house plants are not an identical experience, they do bring a similar effect. 

Good Mood Booster

A lot of studies have shown that when you’re surrounded by indoor plants—whether they’re in your living room, bedroom, or in your offices—it puts you in a good mood. These indoor plants can also transform the space of our homes or offices into a welcoming and warm place. 

There are many types of indoor plants in which each of them shows distinctive characteristics and personalities. There are many rare selections of plants at Flora Folia that you can choose from according to their size, color, or smell. But whatever type of plant you may have at home, they all have the same effect on us which is bringing tranquility and inner peace.

Stress Reliever

It’s inevitable that we’ll have some days in which we’re bombarded with stressful situations and the last thing that we want to see when we get home is an empty and bland space. But having indoor plants with you in your home is the same as having a natural healer and adds life to a sterile place. These plants have the ability to provide soothing energy around us. Moreover, taking care of these plants gives us satisfaction, a purpose, and a sense of fulfillment. Seeing them slowly grow each day also reminds us of our own growth in life.

An indoor garden of plants in your own home can be your refuge from the outside world. It can also be a source of happiness as some people turn caring for house plants into a hobby. You might be stressed from your work the entire day, but going home and seeing your living plants bloom day by day can give you a blissful and rewarding feeling.

Increases Productivity

Some businesses or companies are aware of what indoor plants can do to their employees’ work performance—that’s why many companies are beginning to include plants as part of the interior decorations in the workplace. Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. 

There are also people who work in large commercial buildings. Usually, the setup in places like these are closed doors, with no natural air coming inside the offices, and not even a little sunlight can peek inside the area. Factors like these can cause the workers to feel depressed. But having indoor plants inside the offices can contribute to an increased sense of wellness for the workers. They also provide a comforting effect, thus making the employees work in a good disposition, resulting in them being more productive.

Plants Against Pollution

Air pollution is rampant, especially when you’re living in a city where there’s extra exhaust from factories, vehicle pipes, and other gases. Luckily, having plants around can improve our indoor air quality. Plants absorb harmful toxins from the air and replace it with oxygen through photosynthesis. Indoor plants can also act as a natural humidifier since plants release moisture from their leaves. 

Wrapping Up

Whatever type of plants you wish to place and grow inside your homes, the main thing is we need plants in our life. They provide a lot of benefits not just to our physical health, but also to our psychological health and they add life to our homes and offices. In a return for the benefits that they provide, it’s also our responsibility to take care of them and plant more of them around us. And if you’re satisfied with all the indoor plants you have set up in your homes, it might be time to start cultivating your back and front yard for some outdoor gardening


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