Time for Another Baby, Maybe? 4 Things to Consider Before Having a Second Child

When you’ve proven that you can successfully parent a child, you likely start considering having another. More children can mean more love in your household, but it can also mean a whole lot of questions. These are four things to consider before having a second child.


You should know by now that children can be expensive. Between food, diapers, and education, it’s a lot to keep in mind. If you’re having trouble getting by with one child, you might want to wait on having another child. If you’re determined to have another one soon, there are options. You might consider speaking with a financial advisor, who can help you with finding a strategy to better afford a second child. You might also speak to your boss about receiving a pay raise.

Living Accommodations

More children mean a need for more space. You might be able to get by in a one- or two-bedroom apartment with your current child, but an upgrade will be necessary with your new addition. Before you commit to having another child, you should be looking for a more spacious arrangement. If you cannot find one that suits the needs of your family, consider speaking to home builders about constructing one that will.

Relationship with Partner

Having a child can test your relationship with your partner. The early stages can be especially trying, given how stressful and demanding newborns can be. You and your partner need to be honest with each other about whether you can deal with those challenges again. If there are any current feelings of unhappiness in your relationship, you should work to get those sorted first.

Feelings of Current Child

Your current child should not be left out of the decision-making process. If they’re old enough to have a general awareness of what’s going on, you need to explain to them that they might be having a new brother or sister. See what kind of response they have to that news. If your child has behavioral issues that require special attention, you might realize it’s not in your best interest to have another baby.

The most important thing to remember before having another child is your own feelings. Are you ready to take on this new responsibility? Even if you enjoy being a parent, every child presents new challenges. Don’t let any societal pressure try to make you feel like you should or shouldn’t have another baby. Instead, you just need to trust your instincts.

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