Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas For a Winter Born Kid

Children born in the summer can usually benefit from the joys of playing outside with new toys in the sun, at the beach or enjoying the local park. But winter born kids receiving birthday presents might prefer something they can use right away, whatever the weather. From snowy surroundings to cold and rain, it can be hard inspiring kids to get outdoors or get enough exercise. And, if you’ve got kids, you’ll know they don’t always want to wear their winter clothes even when it’s freezing!

So, if you’re buying a gift for a winter baby, let our awesome present ideas inspire you.

Snowball Gun

Live somewhere where snow is guaranteed? Snowball fights will take on an extra dimension with one of these fearsome toys. You’ll find options with multiple ball making compartments and optional variations like catapults. Don’t forget to buy one for yourself though…

Kids Snowboard

Another option for snowsure locations, there are a variety of kid sized snowboards made for playing on local slopes. As a step up from the usual sled, you’ll find boards that easily strap on to kids sized feet and are perfect for getting to grips with this fun sport.

Portable Indoor Trampoline

When the weather is bad outside you don’t always want to drag the kids out, so something they can use up their never ending supply of energy inside the house is a great idea. Kids love a trampoline and a compact and foldable indoors version will mean hours of fun for your birthday boy or girl.

Carpet Skates

Another way to encourage activity indoors, these ingenious friction resistant skates slip over any pair of shoes and allow you to slide along carpets and internal surfaces. Yes, you’ll probably need a bit of space for them to run around in, but they will spend hours slipping and sliding around the house.

Wool Shoes for Kids

Wool shoes for kids make a great option as they’re naturally water repellant and easy to clean. They keep feet warm and cozy no matter the weather. These slippers are perfect for going between the house and the garden and keeping their feet warm and dry, and they even come in adult sizes for adorable matching footwear.

Animal Face Balaclava

When that icy wind picks up, keeping their ears warm is important to stop them getting uncomfortable and ill. Animal face balaclavas are an effective way to keep the cold out but in a funny and cute style.

Animal Themed Gloves

Another stylish winter outfit accessory for children. These fun gloves are a bit different and they’ll love to put these on when they go out into the cold. You’ll find fun gloves that look like yeti hands, or monster gloves with funny faces on them.

Hopefully these suggestions have inspired you to find a great winter gift for your winter born kid. After all, just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean they can’t look good and have fun!

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