How to Teach Children to Stay Safe While Surfing the Internet

Children need access to the internet for educational purposes and entertainment, but the internet has a lot of content that’s not necessarily suitable for children. Children will learn about the facts of life on their own much earlier than we’d like, so we don’t need to expedite the process. Here are some tips on how to teach children to stay safe while surfing the internet.

Clarify Rules

Establish rules regarding internet use and clarify your expectations with your children, including punishments for improper usage. You can use the computer’s browsing history and child safety software to ensure the rules are followed. Rules you may want to implement include:

  • No talking to strangers or meeting them in person
  • No providing contact details, such as your address
  • Monitor social media accounts

Get the Right Internet Provider

A good internet provider provides fast internet services, but it also helps keep your home’s internet safe. Fast fiber internet sends information significantly more quickly than traditional cables. Fiber internet is also more durable, meaning there’s less of a chance of it getting damaged, impacting the internet service.

Monitor Screen Time

If you want to keep a watchful eye over your children while they use the internet, control the environment. Keep the computer in a common area that gets a lot of traffic. You’ll be able to see what’s on the screen for yourself. You can also put restrictions on how long people can use the computer each day for recreational purposes. Computer games and social media can be fun! However, children need to learn to enjoy things outside of the screen. Too much screen time correlates to increased weight gain and social disorders.

Embrace the Digital Age

Children should not be taught that the internet is a bad thing. It’s a powerful tool that grants people the ability to communicate quickly and easily, which can be critical when discussing health and business opportunities. It also grants us access to seemingly unlimited information about any topic, helping us learn and do new and exciting things. Embrace the internet for the things it can offer your child and encourage productive internet use instead of treating it as purely a source of entertainment.


Children use the internet safely when you establish rules to protect them. Of course, you can’t protect them forever. As your children get older, communicate with them openly about both the advantages and dangers of the internet to keep them informed.

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