The Best Dermatological Procedures to Consider in Your 40s

These days it is much easier to maintain good looks and to preserve our juvenility. The medicine offers different treatments for the skin, people have better habits, the quality of life has increased in many parts of the world and it has become common to see good looking mature people. However, nature is tricky and some things cannot be avoided. One of them is the loss of elasticity of the skin due to lower estrogen levels. While this process is a natural part of our lives and thus should be accepted and embraced, there are ways of preventing the degradation of the skin and slowing down the whole process. Let’s discuss some dermatologic procedures to consider.


There is a product called derma roller and its purpose is simple. It contains tiny needles that you roll over your skin. These needles provoke small injuries to your skin. To heal these injuries, the skin boosts the production of collagen and elastin and this is how you trick your skin into filling out fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vitamin C serum

Other than obtaining vitamin C from your diet, you can have skin serums to compensate for collagen loss. Since a certain percentage of collagen is lost every decade, there must be a way to add it artificially. Vitamin C serum is a direct way of using this vitamin on your skin. Another benefit is that it can be used as a base for your makeup so you can use it every day and on every occasion. Combine it with sunscreen to get the maximum amount of it. Photodamage is another thing you want to prevent and avoid. 

Gentle cleansers

Since your skin becomes a little bit drier, you shouldn’t use aggressive cleansers that will strip away all of its natural oils. Instead, use soothing cleansers for your skin type. Cream or milk formula is the best. Avoid alcohol in the cleansers. Your skin becomes more sensitive because its natural protection lowers, so make sure everything you use is mild and not too strong to irritate your skin. 

Dermatologist appointments

Although you might not have any issues with your skin, you could consider having an appointment with your dermatologist occasionally just to check the state of your skin and if there is any need for extra care. Regular dermatologist checks can be an excellent way of preventing some serious skin diseases like cancer.  It is especially recommendable if you suffer from psoriasis, rosacea, acne, or any kind of eczema. 


How we look in many cases depends on the inside factors. If you smoke, consume a lot of alcohol, or eat junk food, that will affect your looks eventually. Instead, it is much healthier to drink a lot of water, forget about the sugar or pastries and have a healthy and balanced intake of protein, healthy fats, fruit, and vegetables. Your skin will be thankful and your figure as well since this is perfect for keeping a good and optimal weight. 

Don’t forget SPF

For nice and glowing skin at a mature age, you should try to avoid the sun whenever you can. In case there is some sun exposure, use the appropriate sunscreen. The sun’s rays can cause photodamage that is irreparable.  Even in winter, the sun’s rays can affect our skin although we don’t feel the heat. It would be best to use the sunblock every day before going out. Like we mentioned, you can combine it with other cosmetic products and be protected all the time. These products can be a moisturizer, vitamin C serum, or makeup. Needless to say, indoor tanning shouldn’t be an option at all since it can be even more harmful. Just enjoy your natural skin tone and protect it from all the dangerous stuff. 

Sleep well

A good night of sleep can be more beneficial than some cosmetic treatments so make sure you rest well, reduce your stress level to the minimum and avoid using the phone and laptop right before sleep since the blue light those devices emit is not good for your sleep.  When we sleep our glands segregate melatonin, and without it, our skin might look dull, with eye circles, and prone to further damage


To sum it up, as you age, there should be more thorough skincare to adapt to those natural changes that happen to your skin. The main points are a healthy diet, good sleep, good moisturizer and cleanser along with some vitamin C serum and SPF. We are not against some minor interventions like botox, but make sure you don’t exaggerate with that since it can be addictive and lead to an unnatural look. 


Written by Liam Smith Twitter, Clippings

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