The 6 Most Common Causes of Train Accidents in the US

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Perhaps because they are less common than other types of transportation accidents, train accidents aren’t considered a serious issue. Although they aren’t used as frequently as they once were, railroads are still very busy. In fact, trains, especially subways, commuter trains, trams, etc., are still widely used in the US. Unfortunately, severe injuries and fatalities occur when a train accident does occur. After the accident, getting compensation from the business or an individual at fault might be trickier as they are mostly controlled by government entities. Therefore, you need to hire the best train accident attorney, as the claims process can be extremely overwhelming for the victim. Moreover, the insurance provider will do everything in their power to deny or limit your benefits.

You should read the following article to learn the most common causes of train accidents in the US:

Human Error

Human error is one of the most common reasons for railway accidents. Train drivers, including operators and engineers, are susceptible to errors like misreading signs or disregarding safety precautions. Sometimes, intoxication, distraction, or exhaustion can also contribute to human error. A train driver falling unconscious while operating a train and missing a detour, for instance, could result in a collision or derailment. 


Different organizations can be held accountable for negligence-related railroad accidents. Some may be the fault of the railroad itself, while others may be the result of negligence on the part of a dispatcher or other railroad employee. Even the negligence of government agencies has been known to cause accidents. The decades-old technology that is still widely applied to railroads and trains today is a common element that contributes to this issue. Better technology is available to increase railway safety, but because it requires a significant investment, the adoption of these features is frequently delayed.

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Equipment Failure

Accidents involving trains can also result from equipment failure. Trains are complex machines that require proper maintenance of several parts to run securely. Any of these parts malfunctioning could result in a severe accident. Failures of the brakes, engines, and tracks are a few examples of machinery malfunctions.

Reckless Drivers and Pedestrians

It’s not always the train company’s or operator’s fault when there is an accident. Occasionally, a careless or preoccupied pedestrian can cause an accident by stepping onto the tracks or crossing them at an improper moment. In other instances, a driver of a car, truck, motorcycle, or another motor vehicle may be responsible for a mishap by leaving their vehicles on a railroad track or by attempting to cross a railroad crossing before the train.

Weather Conditions 

The weather condition can have a significant impact on railway accidents. A train could slide off the tracks if there is a lot of rain or ice on the ground. Trees and other objects tumbling onto railroad tracks during high winds can also cause accidents. It can also be challenging for railway operators to see signals and other safety markers in fog and other poor visibility situations.

Excessive Speed 

Speeding while driving can cause severe injuries and even fatalities, and railways are no different. Recent train accidents have been down to over-speeding and not following the speed limits in a particular section of the railroad.

Although trains are a more secure mode of transportation, which is also supported by statistics, they are still vulnerable to accidents. A train accident is severe and results in serious injuries or fatalities. Following an accident, it is essential to talk to a specialized attorney who will establish the fault and win their client a fair financial settlement.

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