4 Signs of Bed Bugs in the Home

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Most people are unaware, but it can take up to 14 days for bites to appear after bed bugs have infested your home.

Learning how to spot the early signs of bed buds can prevent your family from dealing with a lot of discomfort and disgust. If you want to learn about these signs, you need to understand how bed bugs live and accumulate.

Keep reading to discover the most important signs of bed bugs so you can sleep peacefully, without insistent itching!

1. Everyone’s Itchy

One of the most obvious signs of bed bugs in the house is when everyone gets itchy.

Although you may just need to clean the sheets because it’s been a few weeks, it could be something more. Bed bugs often bite people while they are sleeping and leave red, itchy spots in a zig-zag pattern. If you’re feeling extra itchy, talk to your family and make sure you aren’t the only one.

Bed bug infestations can quickly grow, and if you stop them early in the process, clean-up may not be as bad. Instead of putting cortisone on spots before investigating, take a closer look at the sheets.

2. Red & Black Spots on the Sheets

If you see small blood stains or black dots on your sheets or mattress, you likely need to get rid of bed bugs.

Tiny amounts of blood come out of your body when a bed bug bites you. You don’t need to worry about bleeding out, but you may see small signs of bites. It’s best to use light-colored sheets so you can prevent bed bugs by noticing signs sooner.

The black dots that you might be seeing on your mattress aren’t anything good either. Bed bugs relieve themselves freely, and your bed won’t be an exception.

3. White Eggs Appear

A traumatizing way to learn that you have a bed bug infestation is when you find white eggs.

Bed bugs will develop oval-shaped eggs that have a white or translucent appearance. They look like apple seeds and are hard to find on light-colored sheets and mattresses. If you see these eggs, contact home pest control services so that you don’t get any more nighttime intruders.

Pest control teams will use proper equipment and chemicals to kill off the eggs and prevent more from hatching.

4. You Smell Something Sweet

If you start smelling a strange, yet sweet, odor, you may need to stop bed bugs from spreading in your home.

Bed bugs often create a sweet and musty odor that can be hard to overlook. At first, you may think some juice was spilled, but it will quickly become clear once the musty smell starts spreading.

What creates the musty smell is the bed bugs’ bodies and their eggs.

Put Signs of Bed Bugs to Rest

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Learning about the most common signs of bed bugs can prevent you from going into full-blown panic or worsening the problem. Bed bug detection dogs are a great source to help you find where they are lurking to ensure that you remove the object from the home or treat the area appropriately. 

Aside from feeling itchy and getting red bumps from bites, other indicators show when someone else has been in your bed. By looking for small black and red speckles, you can find proof that bed bugs are in your home.

Make sure you contact professionals and check out our blog to learn more about unwanted pests in the house! 

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