5 Wellness Influencers You Absolutely Must Follow on Instagram

Not getting enough sleep, skipping meals, eating junk food, not having enough time in the day to do some physical activity. Are these things familiar to you? 

Chances are you want to focus on wellness but due to the hectic and stressful schedule you are prevented. In order for all of this to change, you have to put yourself first and change your mindset. Then make a decision to finally start leading a healthy lifestyle

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Waking Up to Wellness: Women’s Self-care Tips

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When people say wellness, their mind immediately goes to expensive spa treatments, tight yoga pants, suburban moms feel, and generally something that is unobtainable. What is kept a secret from most people is that the state of wellness is easy to achieve when you set your mind to it. The tricky part is to stay true to it and maintain once acquired good habits. In this article, we will show you that getting a healthy life is for everybody and that you can do it your own way, you just have to find it. Include your friends in your journey, make them aware of what your goals are, and ask them to help you achieve them. If you’re interested to find out more, keep on reading for these tips for women’s self-care.
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Feeling Burnt Out? Take Control Of Your Health With These Tips

As much as we might all want to feel amazing in life, at all times, that doesn’t always happen. We have ups and downs, we go through tough times, and we make some incredible accomplishments too. But at the same time, in order to monopolize on that, you absolutely need to make sure that you are in control of your own life. At some point, you have to acknowledge that life is not happening to you – it’s happening for you. And you can totally choose to have an amazing life. But if you’re overworked and overwhelmed, you’re not in the best possible position to do this. In fact, you may actually be on a downward sleep to burnout – and that’s never going to be great for you.

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What to Do When Your Family Is Constantly Getting Sick

Does it seem as though your family members are constantly passing illnesses to each other or can never seem to get better? Illnesses can make your loved ones miserable, and there is a chance that a seemingly minor issue can develop into a serious and potentially fatal issue. They can also result in financial stress because of medical bills and unpaid time away from work. You understandably want everyone to feel great as soon as possible, and the good news is that there are a few easy steps that you can take to promote healing and wellness in your home.

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How Can Music Improve Our Wellness?

It has been proven for many centuries now that music has a positive effect on a person’s emotion and mood. It serves many purposes and it has become a permanent part of many people’s everyday life. If you love to listen to music or you are interested in learning music lessons, this is a good decision.

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Finding Equilibrium: How to Re-center Your Life’s Balance

Life seems to take us in different directions, often to extremes. A grouchy boss can make our life at work difficult. A sick kid can make our evenings miserable. A weather event, like a blizzard or hurricane, can make a lousy week even worse. With so many things going on, finding your life’s balance is tricky. Let’s look for a way you can re-center your life’s balance.

Become Aware

What parts of your life are out of balance? Identifying these out-of-balance extremes helps you determine where you need to make changes. For example, you may be spending 60-70 hours a week on the job, while not getting any time with your spouse or kids. Your work life and your family life are extremely out of balance. This should become a step that you return to periodically to measure how out of balance life is.

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Living Well: 4 Routine Tips for a Healthier Life

It doesn’t need to be difficult to live a healthy life. In fact, often all it takes is minor adjustments to your routine to help you improve your overall health and feel better about yourself. Here are four routine tips that you can start using right away for a healthier life.

Incorporate Healthy Foods into Your Diet

When you eat the right foods, you can lose fat, gain muscle mass, improve your energy levels throughout the day and stave off many common diseases that come from unhealthy eating habits. The key is getting plenty of natural foods, such as lean meats, vegetables and fruits.

Since it’s tough to overhaul your entire diet overnight, just make a healthy substitution here and there. For example, you could replace your morning candy bar with a piece of fruit. Gradually make more changes and in time, you’ll have dramatically better eating habits.
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