Spring is coming: Tips on How to Turn Over a New Leaf

Spring has long known, as the season of renewal. The trees lay lush with leaves, the flowers bloom, and there is pleasantness in the environment. People tend to make new resolution during the New Year, but it makes much sense to do it during spring; the season where even nature is turning over a new leaf.

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Essential Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Spring

“Yay! Winter is almost over!” – screams our skin, fed up with having to choose between being dry and being smothered in heavy-duty moisturizers.

It’s true. Our skin suffers in winter more than in other seasons, because the cold weather and the harsh winds constantly dry it out, and the artificial heating indoors isn’t helping either, because in the winter the air around us when we are indoors is usually a lot drier than during the rest of the year. But with the winter slowly passing by, we should start preparing our skin for the seasons that lie ahead.

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