6 Best Places to Visit During the Spring

When travelling during the spring, there are some destinations which will really benefit from the first blooms of flowers and the warm weather. Others might not be as much fun, so make sure that you consider these 6 locations first when planning your next spring trip.

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  1. Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan

As you may have guessed from the name, this national park in Japan is home to Mount Fuji, amongst other wonders. Hot springs, deep lakes, volcanic islands, and waterfalls all play a part in making this the most-visited park in Japan. But there’s also another factor during the spring: the cherry blossom trees. They bloom during this season, creating an iconic and beautiful landscape that defies belief. Plum trees also bloom purple during this time, making it even more wonderful.

  1. Paris, France

The city of lovers is even more majestic in the spring. The early sunshine gleams across the side of the Eiffel Tower, balconies are full of sighing sweethearts, and the majestic gardens and parks across the city come into their own. It’s a beautiful and delicate time of year, and all the more romantic as a result. As if you need more of a reason to visit Paris, this season has to be it.

  1. Washington D.C., USA

Another place that explodes with life in the spring is Washington D.C., the seat of power in the USA. Cherry trees around the capitol start blooming, and there’s even a National Cherry Blossom Festival which celebrates the delicate flowers. You can take all kinds of tours based around the season, as well as the normal sight-seeing elements, so you get a little more for your money.

  1. The Netherlands

When you think about flowers, there’s one place that really comes to mind. The Netherlands are famous for their beautiful flower fields, most notably the tulips – seven million of which grow in the Keukenhof Gardens alone. Between April and May you can see hundreds of millions of flowers blooming across the country. Be sure to visit the flower markets, and consider a bicycle tour to get you out into the countryside.

  1. Yosemite National Park, USA

National Parks are always fantastic to visit in the spring, and this one has to be the best of them all. Yosemite is full of flowers in bloom, rainbow trout flooding the rivers, bighorn sheep grazing on the grass, and raging waters ballooned by the melting snow from the higher peaks. It’s a time of coming to life, with warm days and cool evenings that still manage to avoid being the busiest time of year for visits. This combination makes it the best time for Yosemite if you plan to visit at all.

  1. Channel Islands

How about something a little more quaint? The small cottages, wildflower fields, battered cliffs and sea vistas are all part of the magic of the Channel Islands. You’re likely to enjoy long strolls here as there are no cars allowed, which means your taxi might just be a horse and carriage. The island of Sark is notable during the spring for the Wild Flower Fortnight festival held every year in celebration of the blooming beauty.


Spring is a time for new life bursting forth, and that means it is best enjoyed in locations where you can really see and feel that truth. Don’t waste it in an area of the world where there isn’t much change for the spring season: it’s all about those places that burst into flower and wild growth, energizing you and making you feel truly relaxed.

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