Stargirl and The Modern Justice Society of America

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the CW show Stargirl. Stargirl begins with an epic battle that heralds the demise of all of The Golden Age Members of the Justice Society of America (JSA). The sole survivor is Pat Dugan, also known as Stripesy, the faithful sidekick of Starman. He carries with him the Cosmic Staff and other Justice Society artifacts.

Geoff Johns’ vision for the series was to bring Stargirl into the spotlight where she could shine


After the battle, Stargirl picks up the storyline ten years later with the introduction of young Courtney Whitmore, played by Brec Bassinger. Courtney accidentally finds the Cosmic Staff one day, and as she pieces together the story behind it, becomes determined to put the Justice Society back together. She wants to avenge the fallen warriors and finally defeat the Injustice Society of America. What she doesn’t know is she and her friends will have to defeat enemies from two eras in order to survive.

Using their wits, they take on a host of enemies while trying to hold their team together. 

Modern JSA Characters – The Good Guys & Gals

Stargirl features an entirely new cast of JSA members who use the Golden Age JSA equipment to fight villains and sometimes each other.

Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl

Stargirl is the leader of the Modern Justice Society. She wields the powerful Cosmic Staff and gathers the other members into the new version of the JSA.

Yolanda Montez/Wildcat

Yolanda is the scrappy, disgraced friend of Stargirl. She wears a mysterious wildcat suit which allows her to cut through metal, climb walls and use other cat-like abilities.

Rick Tyler/Hourman

Rick is a juvenile delinquent angry over his parent’s murder. He gets superhuman strength, durability, and leaping for one hour per day by turning an hourglass made by his father.

Beth Chapel/Dr. Mid-Nite

Beth is a smart but shy girl with self-esteem issues and chef skills. She gets her power from Dr. Mid-Nite’s AI powered goggles. The AI gives her enhanced vision, holographic projection, automatic recognition, decryption and a massive database of knowledge.

Pat Dugan/S.T.R.I.P.E

Originally greatly disliked by Courtney for uprooting her life, stepfather Pat soon becomes Stargirl’s faithful sidekick. He protects the team in a giant robot built out of cars.

Modern ISA Characters – The Villains

Naturally, new heroes need new villains and some old ones.

Steve Sharpe/The Gambler

This genius-level hacker carries a derringer and is not afraid to use it.

Larry Crock/The Sportsman

The Sportsman is an expert marksman and fighter in perfect condition. He uses sports gear to fight his battles.

Paula Brooks/Tigress

Tigress is an extremely nimble teacher who uses a crossbow and martial arts.

Cindy Burman/Shiv

Cindy is the daughter of Dragon King. He experimented on her and gave her enhanced abilities and implanted wrist blades.

Among the new enemies, there are also plenty of old ones. Some of the old enemies the Modern JSA will face are the Dragon King, The Shade, Icicle, Solomon Grundy, and Brainwave.


There is currently one season of 13 episodes, with a second season currently in production and anticipated sometime in mid-2021.

The Finale

Season 1 ends in the traditional comic cliffhanger style. Many of the old guard of villains perish at the Modern JSA’s hands, with some of them being ended by their own allies, including Brainwave. Fortunately, none of the Modern JSA members fall. Each of the Modern JSA members manages to finally embrace who they truly are. 


What’s Next?

No one knows. Several ISA members are still out there, and Stargirl‘s cast and crew are tight-lipped about what might be coming. Shiv and Grundy are still out there, and Shiv now possesses a very powerful stone. What’s up with that? We have to wait to find out.

With the Golden Age JSA gone, the ISA is still running rampant and still bent on world domination. It’s up to Stargirl and her friends to stop them. Can they do what the fully trained JSA couldn’t before it is too late? Tune in for Season 2 for all the answers. 

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