5 Fashion Accessories That Help with Self Defense


Making sure that you feel safe as you engage in your daily activities is critical. While we may all be masking and using the proper sanitizers, it’s also essential to carry the tools that you need to feel safe as you move about your city with your family or on your own. Consider the steps below to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions.

Protect Your Person: A Concealed Carry Purse

Depending on where you live, it can be tough to get everything done in daylight. For those who work from 9 to 5, the winter daylight hours can mean that all your errands have to be run after dark. Using pickup services can help, but sometimes you need to get out of the car and stop in or shop in-person.

If you’re trained and confident in handling a firearm, there are crossbody concealed carry purses that can enable you to keep your gun close at hand in any situation. These purses feature a hidden zipper at the back of the bag, so your firearm is close to your torso, and you can keep your hand on or near it no matter the setting.

Protect Your Family: Child’s Coat and Hat

Not all clothing or accessories that increase your safety and yours will be worn by you. Transporting kids to and from school, to and from daycare, and into and out of errands can be a worry. Many folks in parking lots are beyond distracted, and even if they don’t mean to cause harm, the risks to your children are high.

If you’ve got a toddler who is always ready to “go-go-go!” make sure their winter coat is an eye-catching color. Choose a hat that is brightly contrasting to increase their visibility. Whether or not you choose to go with a child leash, you may want to use a wrist balloon to distract your child and keep them visible.

Protect Your Footing: Boots

Finally, if you’re out and about with children in the snow and on the ice, wear shoes that will give you traction and let you run if needed. Leaving the office and probably won’t need to stop once the kids are loaded? Put on your snow boots anyway. A simple fender bender can mean that you’ll spend a lot of time in the cold. Keeping your feet warm and your footing secure is entirely worth the time it takes to change your shoes.

If you’re facing severe winter, consider bringing tights, leggings, or even sweats to change into before you leave your office, particularly if you wear a skirt to work. Carrying such gear in your car is nice, but if you can’t quickly put them on in your vehicle in the event of car trouble, they’re not going to do you much good.

Protect Your Information: RFID Shielding

Even with a firearm in your purse, pickpockets are still a concern. For those who choose not to carry, a cross-body bag is always a good idea. If you can go small, consider using a passport bag as a purse when you need your hands free. These versatile little bags can be looped over your neck or across your body, zipped in under a coat, and kept out of sight.

Inside your purse, take care to keep your credit cards in an RFID wallet. Many passport bags already offer RFID protection. This protective gear means that your data, such as your bank account, can’t be stripped as you pass by strangers while taking care of your business.

Protect Your Vision: Headwear

The furry halo hoods on down coats are cute, but they can severely limit your peripheral vision. Consider investing in a hooded scarf if you must be out after dark. These soft and cuddly headwraps will both keep your head warm and make it possible to see and hear anyone coming up behind you.

On the coldest days, it can be tempting to wrap these items too tight. Ensure that you leave a little space for air; the air pocket will be warmed by your skin and keep you more comfortable until you can get back in the car and crank up the heat.

Safety needs to be our number one concern, and criminals are getting both bolder and more creative. To keep your person, family, and data safe, consider multiple scenarios as you go about your day to avoid risks.

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