Dog Breed Guide: Top 4 Good Tempered Canines

When you decide to get a dog, you will have to do a lot more thinking than you might have originally thought this decision required. Choosing the perfect one for you goes way beyond simply taking a look at the breeds and picking out the cutest one. Well, even choosing based on cuteness can be difficult since they are all so sweet and charming.

Yet, as I have already said, you will have to think about a lot more things. As you can see from the original source, there are more dog breeds in the world than you might have imagined. That will certainly make your decision even more difficult. Truth be told, you will probably want to just adopt them all and since that’s impossible, you will find yourself unable to decide on the one canine for you.

Some canines are extremely good-tempered and calm, while others tend to be playful, stubborn, and even aggressive. All of those can find their own home, depending on what the owner is searching for. Given the fact that you are here, you are searching for the best-tempered canines in the world and I’ll provide you with a list of some of those. Hopefully, the list will make your decision on which one to get a bit easier.

Golden Retrievers

I don’t suppose you are surprised with the first breed on the list. If you know anything about these particular canines, then you understand why they absolutely deserve to take the top spot on the list of the best-tempered dogs. Their personality is just so loving and adorable and I have no doubts in my mind that you will fall in love with Golden Retrievers in an instant.

Thanks to their good nature, this particular breed is perfect for families, as well as children. The fact that they are gentle, though, doesn’t mean that they are lazy, so don’t get the wrong idea. Golden Retrievers do need a lot of fun activities in order to fight boredom, but if you train them properly, you will have the most loving and the best dog ever.

Speaking of best dogs, here’s another list that you might find useful:


The moment you see their floppy ears, you will want to take this little creature home. If you do that, you certainly won’t be making the wrong decision, because this particular canine will definitely love you to the moon and back and you will certainly fall in love with them as well. Their quirky and playful, yet loving and calm, personality will sweep you off your feet.

Beagles are practically always happy and they enjoy the company of both other animals and other people. In other words, you won’t need to worry about your friends being attacked if you invite them over. This little floppy-eared creature will probably simply attack their lap and invite them for some cuddles. Of course, you will have to ensure proper training in order to invite their loving personality to the surface.


When you first take a look at a Bulldog, you might find its appearance mean, grumpy and cranky. This is because of all the skin hanging from their face that’s making them look even threatening. Their temperament, however, couldn’t be more different than that. After having them for a while, this threatening demeanor will turn into a comical one.

Bulldogs definitely deserve a spot on the list of good tempered dogs, because they are calm, friendly and loving. Sure, these little creatures might be stubborn from time to time, which only calls for proper training. At the end of the day, though, they are extremely good-natured and happy to please, which will make them good around strangers as well.


Pugs are probably one of the silliest dog breeds in the whole wide world. They are, additionally, one of the oldest breeds, but that’s not our topic for the day. These canines are even-tempered, charming and adorable, which means that they will be amazing with kids, strangers, as well as other animals. The best part is, they are fairly easy to train, so you won’t need to spend too much time teaching them how to behave.

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