Saying Thank You to the People Who Matter Most in Your Life

Though you likely have hundreds of acquaintances, there are only a few people who are closest to you and who matter the most. For one reason or another, these people have formed deep bonds with you, likely because of the care they have provided to you and the love they have shown. Given their commitment to you, it makes sense to do something nice in return. To help you express your gratitude, here are a few ways to say “thank you” to the people who matter most in your life.

Cook Them a Meal

Nothing tastes better than a home-cooked meal, except for a home-cooked meal that you don’t have to cook yourself. If you want to show your thankfulness to someone in your life, you can cook their favorite meal and then take it to their home. Better yet, make enough food so that you can share the meal with that special person so you can spend time sharing your thankfulness with them face-to-face.

Write Them A Note

In some cases, distance may separate you from people who are important to you. If that’s the case, you can still let them know how much they mean to you by sending them letters on monogrammed note cards. These personalized note cards add a touch of class while still allowing you to pour out your heart so that others know exactly how you feel. Though phone calls and words of affirmation are nice, a letter is something that can be kept and read over and over.

Plan an Adventure

If someone special in your life has longed to go on a certain adventure but hasn’t been able to due to finances or time, you can show your thankfulness by planning that adventure for them. By taking the time to schedule activities they will enjoy and then footing at least part of the bill, you will blow your friend or family member away and give them memories that will last a lifetime. If you can arrange all the details to pull off the whole thing as a surprise, then that will be even more fun.

Do Simple Things

Another beautiful way to show you care is to do simple tasks for others without being asked. For example, you can fix a broken gate that they haven’t had time to attend to or offer your time to help them clear out a garden before they even call to ask. By showing that you pay attention enough to understand the other person’s needs, you will impact them immensely.


When someone has done a lot for you, it can feel like you should do a lot for them to repay them in some way. However, a true friend will not ask to be repaid evenly for what they invest in you, even if that investment is significant. As long as you find small ways to say “thank you” whenever you can, you’ll ensure that your bond continues for a lifetime.

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