Save Your Eyes with the BenQ e-Reading LED Lamp!

If you are like me and thought you would never need to worry about your eyes when working in front of a computer, this gadget is for you. I rarely have time to take twenty minute breaks every hour in order to help my eyes. That’s why this BenQ e-Reading LED lamp has rocked my world when it comes to long hours being mandatory with work.

I couldn’t believe it when the eye doctor told me that I needed glasses. Nobody in my family needed glasses until they were in their 50’s and it was just from aging. I had even been in a car crash that blew my eye socket out and I still didn’t need glasses. However, for eight years I worked in an office staring at a computer 13 hours a day. From that job, I moved to work from home which still involved hours of staring at the computer screen every day.

I started getting headaches and struggled to drive, especially at night. I finally gave in and went to the eye doctor. He told me I needed glasses and I was bummed. He told me I had severe dry eye. My tears should last at least 10 seconds on my eyes and they were barely lasting 4 seconds. He said all those years of continuously staring at the computer had taken its toll.

This BenQ e-Reading LED lamp is more than just a fancy lamp. The fact that it has the specific type of light to help shield your eyes from permanent damage is a huge selling point. Take it from me, I had no idea how important protecting your eyes from harsh lighting was until it was too late. 

The e-Reading LED lamp is 35 inches long which provides 150% wider lighting coverage than the average desk lamp. This means it lights everything up, not just portions of your screen like most desk lamps. It also has various light settings for brightness as well as light style. For example, it has an ambiance setting which is the smart e-reading setting. Not to mention, it’s a sleek modern design that fits well into most homes or offices.

The BenQ e-Reading LED lamp was a cinch to set up. Took just a few minutes to assemble. It comes with two different bases so you can make it a floor lamp OR a desk lamp, wherever it’s needed. I love that it has a ring that you simply tap in order to turn it off and on. No annoying switches to try and feel around for in order to twist and click off. 

Overall, we were elated with our BenQ e-Reading LED lamp. It has been a great tool, especially when I have to work longer hours at my computer. In a fairytale world, we all might be able to take consistent breaks from our work. However, in the real world, many of us don’t have that luxury and that’s when amazing technology like BenQ comes in.


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2 thoughts on “Save Your Eyes with the BenQ e-Reading LED Lamp!

  1. I’ve been suffering with dry eyes for some time now. A great deal of my time is spent on a computer. And I also use a tablet often. I need to take better care of my eyes.

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