Easy Cinnamon Latte at Home ~ No Special Equipment Needed!

Easy Cinnamon Latte at Home

Even if you don’t have all the fancy equipment, you can make a Cinnamon Latte at home easily and quickly. It will give you a great savings over those expensive alternatives at the coffee bars. A Cinnamon Latte is nothing more than coffee with skim milk or half and half and a few extras like whipped cream and freshly ground cinnamon . The only equipment you really need to have a good coffee maker and your favorite coffee blend. If you have those, you’re well on your way to making an awesome Cinnamon Latte for pennies compared to what you spend at a coffee house.

Steaming Your Milk for a Cinnamon Latte

Steaming milk for Cinnamon Latte is simple when you use the microwave. Pour your milk or half and half in a microwave-safe cup. I use an extra coffee mug that I know works well in the microwave. Heat your half and half or milk for about a minute to a minute and a half. That’ll make it nice and hot and steamy, and won’t cool your coffee off when you mix the two. Be careful not to boil the half and half, because it can scorch.  So no more than a minute and a half in the microwave! You’ll find that even if you’re not making a Cinnamon Latte,  steaming your milk first before putting in your coffee will keep a coffee hotter for a lot longer!

Changing Up Your Sweetener with Cinnamon Latte

When you go to the coffee shop, they have all kinds of flavors of syrup. Well the syrups are great and give you a lot of flavor, but I like switching up my sugars or sweeteners. At a local farmers market I found vanilla sugar available for $4 for a pint. Simply put, vanilla sugar is sugar that has a vanilla bean in it.  The vanilla bean flavor permeates the sugar, making it a richer sweet flavor.   It makes for great flavoring for coffee as well as on things like for oatmeal or cereal. Another way to add another flavor to your sugar is boil it into a syrup (equal parts water and sugar), then pouring it into a jar with flavorings such as cinnamon sticks or anise pods.  Making your own flavored syrups are simple and easy and they also make great gifts. So why drink plain coffee when you can drink something that has a lot more flavor and is just like your favorite coffee house’s Cinnamon Latte?  Save some money and make a Cinnamon Latte at home!


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