Responsible for Your Aging Parents? How to Pick the Best Nursing Home

Seeing your parents age can be heartbreaking at times. They rely on more help from you and outside sources. While you want to keep them as comfortable as possible, it’s sometimes a good idea to find a nursing home that can provide the physical and medical needs that your parents have. Most nursing homes have a doctor on call as well as nurses and nursing assistants who can provide the healthcare that your parents require as well as activities to keep them busy during the day. Here are a few tips for selecting the best nursing home for your aging parents.

Ensure Quality Nutrition Is Offered

A nursing home isn’t going to offer top-of-the-line food. However, your parents deserve to be in a nursing home that offers a choice of foods for their meals or foods that are healthy and nutritious and that are also enjoyable to eat. The nursing home you select should offer a variety of diets for the various medical needs that residents have. Snacks should also be offered during the day.

Explore for Safety Issues

Go to the nursing home to look for any hazards that might result in injuries for your parents. Look in the bathrooms to make sure that there are rails for safety as well as a raised toilet seat to make it easier to use the bathroom. Ask about the procedure involved for slips and falls that might occur. Another issue that is unfortunately seen is neglect. The staff sometimes don’t take the time to provide the proper care that is needed. Make sure to ask around to those currently living at the facility to see how they feel they are treated there.

Listen for Sounds

When you visit the nursing home, pay attention to the sounds that you hear. If residents are moaning and asking for help, then you might want to consider finding another facility because the residents likely need attention. The people who work at the nursing home should talk to the residents using their first names. Listen for any special sounds, such as beeps or buzzers, which would indicate when someone gets out of bed or gets near a door. These are safety features that you want the nursing home to have so that your parents are secure.

Talk to the Staff

If the staff don’t want to be there or don’t seem like they want to provide care for the residents, then your parents and other people who are there probably won’t get the care that they deserve. Find out how many residents each worker cares for during the day. See how the staff members work with each other and if there are any issues that might result in neglect of the residents.

Nursing homes can be safe and an enjoyable place for your parents to live. Take a tour of the facility before making a final decision, talking to professionals to get recommendations about the best ones in the city. While your parent is staying at the chosen facility, keep a careful eye on how they’re treated. If at any point you see signs of neglect, take action and contact a lawyer like those from Trammell and Mills Law Firm LLC. Making sure that your parents are living in the best place possible is important to their mental and physical well-being.

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