Bathroom Benchtops: Choosing The Right One

Contributed by Joseph Webb

You have already invested a lot while constructing your bathroom and it worked out to be perfectly fine. You have the bathtub in place, the colorful skin, and bathroom glass divider too. Now, comes the number of bathroom benchtops. You have to get the best benchtops for your bathroom, which will not just blend with the other amenities in your bathroom, but also prove to be quite durable in nature. The durability of the benchtops solely depends on the kind of product and the materials you have chosen. The market is loaded with so many benchtops these days and you can easily choose the one you like the most.

Perfect Material for The Benchtops:

Now, remember that even some materials might be same for all kinds of benchtops, but you have to be sure of choosing the right one when it is about bathroom benchtops. The market houses some of the best materials, used for creating the perfect, durable, and stylish benchtops to go with the bathroom attire. Let’s just get into the details of the materials first before making the right choice.

  • Granite can prove to be a clever material used for manufacturing benchtops for bathrooms. Majority of people opt for granite materials these days and choose this to be the perfect material for bathroom benchtops, as well. Among so many types of natural stone, granite seems to be right at the top of the list. The endless variety of patterns and colors along with dramatic beauty are just amazing.
  • Solid surface can be another interesting option, made out of crushed stone and acrylic resin. It helps in creating different looks, making it a perfect element for the top brands out there. You will come across solid and subtle patterns along with colors, which can pair well perfectly with the contemporary décor you have in the mind.
  • Quartz is defined to be the most abundant and hardest mineral on the face of this planet. Almost all kinds of stone have some percentage of the same material over here. The manufacturers of such quartz bathroom benchtops can add resins, pigments, and recycled content, which can cover the base of around 95% of natural stone to it.
  • Acrylic is the man-made option, which comprises of a solid plastic block. That can help it to look like marble or stone. These products are available in various consistent colors and custom-made patterns, without any visible joints. The products can be well-molded in any shape you want and can be integrated with sinks if asked for.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Benchtops:

There are certain things for you to consider when you are thinking about the bathroom benchtops. It is always important to get a surface, which is easier to clean and durable at the same time. Hot dryers or straighteners, cleaning products, toiletries, dyes, moistures and more, can easily affect things, which are used on benchtop. Therefore, it is mandatory to check out more on the surface materials before making any decision or selecting the benchtop. Hence, choose wisely after considering various pros and cons of the material as per your usage.

Go for The Best Options:

Searching online will head you towards so many options available under bathroom benchtops. It is mandatory for you to choose the best one among the lot, and that calls for some simple and effective methods. Some examples over here are timber, natural stone, solid surface, engineered stone, ceramic, laminate, and many more.

Just be sure of the options first and check out the budget allotted for the same, only then you can make way for the right deal.


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