5 Easy Fun to Make DIY Projects to Brighten Your Home

It is yet again at that time to pull some creativity. Gather around friends, family or some people in your circle for some fun DIY projects. Making your home brighter is also improving your lifestyle. Do it Yourself projects are easy to do, and many will not cost a dime. They involve rearranging or polishing what you already have, cleaning, repainting, etc. Others involve creating, replacing or purchasing a few items. These are some of the best DIY projects that will be able to try from time to time to brighten up your home.

Flower chandelier

Flowers are a sure way of getting your dining table or any other entryway all brightened up. The good thing is that setting up one is not hard. Just follow these steps to get your magical flower chandelier.

Supplies to get tape, needle, scissors, thread, embroidery hoop, floral stems.


Wrap the tape around the embroidery hoop until fully colored with your color of choice. Trim the flower stems to about 4” from the end of the blossoms. Then using a needle, pass the thread through the stems. Using the thread, hang the flowers around the embroidery hoop to get your chandelier. The flower chandelier can stay fresh for a whole day.

Cinder Block Planter

A cinder block planter is a great and less expensive way to add life to your balcony. It is also a great way to add some pop to your outdoor events, reception or parties.

The planter can brighten up your place by creatively varying or using the color of your choice to get the planters to look livelier. Setting up a planter is easy. You only need to get a few blocks, a wire mesh, and the paints. You paint the blocks according to your preferences, then bring them together in layers using the wire mess. You allow for some drainage space. Then add soil and transfer your plants.

Floral Wall Clock

Clocks have been part of our homes for a very long time. It, therefore, sounds right that with some little tweaking; you can be able to brighten up your room in different occasions. You need a simple guide to help you through.

Make a circular ring of the flower using the flowers, denoting each hour by a spot of the flower. You can also use bigger flowers for the 6, 12, 9, 3; hand hours. You can fix the floral clock on the wall using wall putty.

Bird feeders

This is the best shot when you are looking for a DIY project to undertake as a family. You will have a great time making this piece of art that does not only provide foods for the birds but also brighten up the backyard.

The bird feeders are cute and fun to make, most so by the kids. You only need a simple guide to get it right. Set your birdseed in a cookie cutter to create a stunning shape. Then hang it out and enjoy watching as a family the birds that will be visiting.

Mossy Door Hanger

Well, your guests should prepare to be delighted with this DIY project. They will also help you in surviving daylight saving

Just like a line skirt, the cute hanger is easy to make in these easy steps; Using super glue, attach a wooden letter to the moss. Ensure that every letter is firmly fixed. Cut out of the word that you want to use on the hanger. You can go with a bright color for the cut out like pink. Fix the cut out on the hanger using the super glue, leaving only a little space. You will then attach a ribbon to the back surface of the moss. You can prefer to fix a cardstock to the back of the moss so that it becomes sturdy before proceeding to fix the ribbon.

You are now good to hang and enjoy.


Finally, there are many other DIY projects that you could use in your home. These five are the easiest, fun and first to make. You can always pull them at will to brighten up your home.


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