Plan Your Wedding Reception with Pomp and Valour – Outdoor Venues in Utah

As long as you’re planning your wedding reception or the main event – the wedding, it will have its own set of challenges and considerations. While you can keep changing the menu of the reception night, the caterer, your wedding gown, and your wedding cake, one thing that has to be booked way ahead of time is your wedding or reception venue. Residing in Salt Lake City, you must be eager to hire the best venue that makes your wedding memorable. 

Now before you move in to choose wedding venues in Salt Lake City after exploring the options, you have to decide whether or not you would prefer an outdoor venue or an indoor one. In case the former is your preference, here are a few of the best outdoor venues that you may check out in SLC.

Venue #1: Tuscany

Right from the Italian cuisine and the grapevine motifs, once your guests arrive at this venue, they’ll simply forget whether or not they’re in Utah. Once you choose Tuscany as your wedding venue or your reception venue, you’ll get a little bit of Italy in almost every corner of this place. The wine-ridden entryway, the tree-lined patios, and the classical gazebo will all remind you of none other than Italy. With the Wasatch Front nearby, you can also get a nice woodland background for your wedding. 

Venue #2: The Place Heritage Park

If you thought that the mountains and splendid views of the city skyline are all that this place is about, you’re wrong as there’s more to it. As you plan your wedding venue to be The Place Heritage Park, you get the discretion of selecting from their 9 rustic properties; all of them will probably match in with your budget and style. Regardless of the one you choose, the guests will definitely get a glimpse of the history of Utah. 

Venue #3: Millcreek Inn

This place is perched away in the Millcreek Canyon and as you reach this venue, you’ll be close to wildflowers, pine trees, and streams that will make you feel in proximity with nature. This venue is styled in the form of a lodge and there are patios outside that offer you a spectacular view of the mighty mountains that remain covered with snow in winter and covered with green trees during summer. Irrespective of the season of your wedding event, you’re bound to find a serene environment at the Millcreek Inn. 

Venue #4: Log Haven

This has stood the test of time and it has consistently been considered as the ideal location for outdoor weddings in Salt Lake City. Log Haven is a place that never falls short of giving you a majestic sight of the mountains. Moreover, the waterfalls, the wildflowers, and the Wasatch wilderness are the reasons behind the serenity of the lodge all over the year. The perks of choosing this as your reception venue are that you don’t have to travel far to find out the best ski resorts for spending a fun wintry weekend. 

So, if a destination wedding is on your mind, you may choose any of the above mentioned outdoor locationslocations in SLC. Do your homework to contact the best person for booking the venues. 

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  1. Havent been to Utah and we dont have any relatives near it but it seems there are many places for wedding venues there, why is it? Any history of the city?

  2. Sounds like a great options for a wedding venue. I will share this with my friends who are living in Utah and currently planning for their wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, Utah looks like such an amazing place for a wedding! I would love to come here and see it for myself one day.

  4. Such a great place for a wedding celebration..♥️ The place looks romantic and classy, couples will really love it.

  5. I love this! My daughter is having a wedding on the beach. Hoping for good weather the 1st week of September. Thanks for sharing!

  6. In Malaysia, we seldom choose outdoor or Garden wedding as it too hot and everyone will be sweating.

  7. I haven’t been Utah, but it’s nice to know some places that are good for venues. Thanka for the info..

  8. It’s great to know about other places. I’ll keep this post for future reference, thanks for sharing..!

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