Guide to Throwing Knives for Beginners

If you are someone who has found interest in learning all set of skills or even if you are not. Self-defense is something we all must know about. In order to learn the basics, one must start by knowing the equipment that will be helping them out in the long run. There are certain situations where you find yourself stuck out in the wild forest and all you have is yourself to rescue you. 

In order to protect yourself, you must take care of your surroundings and also must know how to deal with the throwing knife equipment. If you are someone who loves hunting you must ensure that someone else in the wild forest is not on the hunt for you. In order to stay alert or protected, you must learn a certain set of skills. So, if you are going out you must be well equipped and have enough knowledge about the best throwing knives for beginners. In addition, it is important to learn the ordinances of carrying a knife in your area like these at

Some Important Features You Must Always Consider While Taking A Purchase Call:

Check the Length

Length plays a significant role since the length of the knife helps you learn and know about the number of spins your knife can cater when airborne and the wind resistance it might come across due to its weight. There is no perfect or idle standard to determine the length of your knife. There are so many factors on which the perfect size matters like your throwing style, the distance your knife is supposed to cover & the weight of your blade. The general recommended size of a throwing knife is suggested to be somewhat 8-14 inches in length.


Another important yet significant factor that you must look out for is the weight of your knife since it needs to be comfortable enough for you to carry. The appropriate weight which is suitable enough for you to handle is recommended to carry as per your capacity but keep in mind that throwing knives are supposed to be heavy enough that it eventually doesn’t end up floating in the air or start deviating from the target. It needs to hit the target with a strong impact.

Check the quality of Material

Always keep in your mind that throwing knives are always supposed to build from reboot material that can tolerate the constant beating. It must be in a condition that can sustain or encounter harsh conditions. Also ensuring that it is stiff enough to keep the hold of its structure regardless of the point of maintaining its impact 

Weight Distribution

If you are a beginner this instruction especially goes out for you, a balanced knife is a way to a successful knife throwing experience. The aim of a balanced knife is to provide support and the gravity is focused at the center. If we measure the distance from the balance point towards either direction should measure not more than 0.14” This will ensure you to easily spin it and eventually practice multiple throwing techniques and styles  

Here Is Our Take on Some Throwing Knives:

  1. Perfect Point RC-179 Series.

This is the perfect set of knives that is dependable and designed to travel fast. The tip is always sharp and pointed so the target is strictly stuck. The composition of the blade is usually from stainless steel this is the element of durability. The best element is it doesn’t bend it keeps its direction even when thrown.

  1. Avias Knife Supply 9 Inch 3 Piece.

If you are seeking out durability and precision this is your answer. This knife always comes in a set of 3 and each measure 9”. If you are at a beginner stage this is the perfect fit to make things easy for you. These are very light weighted and easy for you to carry.

  1. SOG 4004939 Throwing Knives.

This set of throwing knives is designed with a specific straight edge. You can use it as a multi-purpose knife. They aim to give you a comfortable grip since they are constructed with stainless steel. If you are looking out for a long-lasting investment this is your answer.

  1. Cold Steel 80TFTC True Flight.

This is the pick of professionals those who are encountering serious and wild encounters in the forest or who is very adventure centric. This product gives you surety, convenience, and comfort altogether. It doesn’t come with a set but this one-man army is enough to give you quality results as compared to 6 useless knives. Its composition is from 1055 carbon steel which is protected with a protective layer that ensures efficiency and effective results for the upcoming years.

  1. ASR Tactical 6pc Jack Ripper.

If you are currently at a beginner level. This set of knives will give you a good experience. The balanced point on them is usually positioned in the middle so it ensures the spinning effect when you throw them.


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