Parent Approved Websites Your Kids Will Enjoy

Kids have plenty of websites to choose from to stay occupied. Unfortunately, many aren’t safe enough to use. Here are a few that are parent-approved, educational and fun for kids.

Sesame Street and PBS Kids

Sesame Street presents humorous characters in an upbeat environment where kids can do art, play games, and watch videos. Use a crayon, paintbrush, or others to create a masterpiece beside Elmo and Cookie Monster. Games include Alphabet Soup, Show Me the Cookies, Monster Music, and many more. PBS Kids brings educational content in the form of videos and games. Your kids can watch full episodes of Sesame Street or play unique games such as the Cookie Games, Lord of the Crumbs, and Oscar’s Rotten Ride.

Rotoscopers and Disney Junior

Kids who love to read may have found a new favorite website with KidsReads. Read articles, browse kids’ book reviews, learn about authors, or enter contests. KidsReads could even attract new readers because of the exciting way reading books is presented to young readers. It might make you wish you could travel back in time to your childhood just to join in the fun. Disney Junior is for fans of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Sofia the First, The Lion Guard, and Doc Mcstuffins. There are plenty of downloadable activities to print out like games and coloring pages. Besides this, watch videos, do quizzes, play exciting games, and enter contests. Rotoscopers podcasts are a great way to make road trips more engaging. They can talk about their favorite animated movies, theories on sequels, news about upcoming projects, without having to worry the next episode may be for a mature audience.

National Geographic Kids

The magazine website National Geographic Kids was created especially for kids. Children who learn about the importance of wildlife now have the potential to become the next Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey. Animals make important contributions to the ecosystem, while too many are becoming endangered or extinct. Kids have the opportunity to learn about protecting the planet by reducing plastic usage. Read stories about amazing animals, other engaging articles, and fun facts. Explore countries such as Egypt, Iceland, Costa Rica, and others without leaving home. Do personality quizzes, play-action, and adventure games, and watch educational videos about science and animals. Your kids can also participate in giveaways while learning a lot on this amazing website.

Cerebral Palsy Support Organization

Cerebral Palsy Guide is a free informational resource that provides educational materials, financial options, and emotional support for children and their families affected by cerebral palsy.

As a parent, you have the responsibility to make sure your kids are browsing safe, secure websites. Besides this, whatever your kids are doing online should be valuable and positive. Staying informed on what’s healthiest for your kids is one of the best things you can do.

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