Moving Home: A Guide For The Disorganized

Nobody likes moving house. Well, finding a brand-new place to live can be an exciting adventure of course, but the stress of filling boxes, making lists, deep cleaning, lifting heavy furniture and arranging for movers can make heads explode. It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with keeping on top of things like this. Just ‘going with the flow’ can work in many aspects of life, and may even work here, but sometimes even the disorganized and free-spirited can use a quick and handy moving checklist, just to be sure you don’t get too overwhelmed. 

Packing And Labeling

Keeping all of your possessions safe and organized can be a challenge. We implore you, for your own sanity, to not just dump everything into whatever box you find and throw it into the truck. There are several reasons why this is a bad idea. Most notably, you’re actually going to be taking up a lot more space. Finding efficient ways to pack your items, including putting things inside other things is great to cut down on used space. Also, you should make sure you correctly label your boxes with a pen so you can easily offload each box into the correct space in your new home. Don’t forget, packing related items together is just as good as packing up whole rooms into the same boxes, but make sure you pick one method and stick to it to avoid confusion!

The packing process is a good opportunity to go through and throw away unwanted junk. If you have a lot of materials to get rid of, get a dumpster rental for easy disposal.

The Moving Process

Making sure you’re all set for the journey to your new home is important. There are so many mistakes that can be made when planning this part of your move. Do you have enough room in your vehicles? Do you know the best route to your destination? Have you found some good places to stop along the way? Lots of people tackle this part of the move alone but finding a trusty and reliable moving company is a top recommendation, especially if your organizational skills are lacking. If you’re travelling far, you’ll want to seriously consider a team that can deal with this step for you. Long distance moving can not only be stressful, but also tiring and full of complications. Make sure you find a company that is highly experienced in these journeys and takes pride in looking after you and your belongings, like Elizabeth’s Moving & Storage. They also have great access to multiple interstate highways, providing them with great access to the entirety of the USA.

Change Your Details And Arrange Utilities

Everyone forgets to change their address on some website or another. It happens, it’s as simple as that. But making sure you notify important businesses and institutions such as your bank, insurance companies, and utility suppliers is essential to avoid and confusion, or in some cases, legal issues. Make a list of every important account that you use, and go through them one by one, either online or via phone, and update your details to include your new home. Another thing that people forget to do is arrange for their cable TV and internet installation at their new property. Don’t leave this too late so you can avoid having any time without online connectivity. Research service providers in your new area and schedule installation ahead of time!

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