Maximizing Your Car Roof Rack for Long Road Trips

Perhaps you’re planning to bring your SUV or truck to your next family vacation. Well, this would also mean that you have to transport several bags and even baby equipment, if applicable. When going away on a vacation, you have to make several plans to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Well, you should also consider looking through Hilux roof racks, just to make sure that you have that extra storage for your trip.

The Advantages of Car Roof Racks Include:

  • Added storage capacity for carrying equipment and luggage
  • Securely transport sporting kits and equipment
  • More leg room for passengers
  • Remove heavier items from the vehicle’s interior space
  • Efficiently organise belongings

Many people use roof racks for daily transport purposes, as well as for long road trips. As such, we have put together a list of useful tips that will help you make the most out of your roof rack and ensure that your load wouldn’t cause any accidents. Before you step inside your vehicle, make sure you check this guide!

Carefully Read and Follow the Instructions

If you plan on mounting your roof rack yourself, you have to make sure that you carefully study the instructions. Before you take the rack out of the box, remember to read the manual first. Doing so will make the installation process safer, faster and easier. On the other hand, you have to know that mounting a roof rack on your own is quite difficult. So, it would be better if you ask a friend to help you.

Aside from reading the manual, you also have to properly fit the roof rack t your vehicle. If you tighten it too much or insufficiently, your rack may potentially damage your vehicle. You also have to remember to put some copper grease on the mounting bolt threads. Doing so will make it easier for you to remove the rack when you are not using it.

Ask for Help

If you are transporting bulky and heavy items, make sure to ask for assistance when loading them onto your rack. If you struggle to load these items, you might damage the cargo and your vehicle. If you do not want to scratch your paintwork, then it would be better to ask someone to help you load your items onto your roof rack. Just imagine how much damage you may cause if you load a canoe onto your roof rack by yourself.

Observe Weight Limits

Do not forget to review your car manual and look for the information regarding the maximum load capacity of your roof. Usually, roof racks have a higher weight rating than the roof of your vehicle. So, it is important that you check the weight limit for both and ensure that you follow these guidelines.

Secure your Cargo

If you are planning to transport canoes, surfboards or kayaks, do not forget to secure them by tying them down. Remember to tie them to the roof rack and to the back and front of your car. It is worth noting that when you drive at certain speeds, your heavy load can generate lift that might send your roof rack flying. So, it is important that you ensure that you properly tie down your cargo.

You can also avoid such incident if you turn to a trusted rack fabricator and have them customize your roof rack according to your needs. For instance, if you always travel with your canoe or kayak, you can ask them to install a detachable H or Y bar. Such accessory allows you to conveniently secure bulky items when you are traveling.

Drive within Speed Limits

Remember that most roof rack accessories have a designated maximum speed rating. So, if you are planning to mount one on your own, make sure that you carefully read the instructions. If you do not drive within the suggested speed limit, then you might face the same consequences as stated in the previous point. By driving beyond your roof rack’s speed rating, you will damage the rack or your car.

How to Use your Roof Rack

Here are the easy steps that will allow you efficiently use your roof rack:

First Step

Before you load your luggage or cargo, make sure that you measure them first. It would also help if you can weigh them or have an estimate of how heavy they are. If you own a cross-bar luggage rack, make sure that you fit the box or bag within the square that the cross and sidebars form. Make sure that you avoid hanging the carrier over the windshield if you own a roof rack without a crossbar.

Second Step

Before you strap down your cargo, remember to place them inside a weatherproof bag that is durable enough to carry your entire load. When you follow this step, you can protect your luggage, bags and other items from the rain, sun, and the elements.

Third Step

When you place your items inside the weatherproof bag, remember to pack the heavier cargo first. Moreover, you shouldn’t load the items inside the bag while it is on the ground. You might incur neck and back injuries once you try loading the bag onto your roof rack. So, it would be better to lay the weatherproof bag on the roof rack first and then start loading the items there.

Fourth Step

Remember to tie down your cargo. As we’ve mentioned in one of the tips above, if you do not properly secure your cargo, your items might cause damages and accidents. To be more efficient, find a weatherproof bag that comes with secure straps. This option makes it easier and more convenient for you to secure your items onto your roof rack.

Roof racks efficiently allow you to carry more items for your long road trip. The key is to follow the tips we shared so you can maximize your extra storage space for your next adventure.


Contributed by Ashley Batman


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