Making Your New Place Feel More Like a Home

Moving to a new house, apartment or condo can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you’re relocating to a new city. Even though you’re bringing your personal belongings, the newness of the structure and location can make it feel impersonal and even empty at first. What’s more, what worked in your previous home may not be the right fit in this one. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make your new place feel comfortable, relaxing and even familiar. When you’re unpacking, make sure to utilize this basic checklist to help you make your space a home.

Start With the Walls

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to personalize a room, and it’s relatively inexpensive to do. Stick to the same color palette to coordinate with your current furniture and linens, but consider a different hue to freshen things up. This way, you won’t have to spend the extra funds to change your decor. A little color on the walls can go a long way in making a room feel homier. Once the color is dry, add some artwork, shelves or pictures. Try to hang at least one thing in every room to start to keep it from feeling bare. If you’re renting, utilize damage-free options to keep things simple.

Treat Every Window

The downside to moving is that, with the exception of some longer curtains or panels, there’s a good chance your current window treatments can’t be reused. Plan ahead and take measurements as soon as possible to have custom window treatments prepared for your new place. Utilize organizations like the Next Day Blinds Company to quickly cover each window. This way, you’ll have your privacy right away and your home won’t have a neglected or unfinished look.

Use Familiar Fragrances

The sense of smell is very powerful and directly connected to memory. If you’re longing for something familiar, use the same fragrances you did in your previous place. Stock up on extra candles, essential oils or whatever else you love that you used in your old home. Even though the setting is new, you’ll find yourself able to relax a bit more with some recognizable scents. If you want to try something new, just wait a few months until you’re settled.

Decorate With Comfortable Accents

It’s important to create a home that’s cozy and welcoming not just for your guests, but for you too. Add fluffy pillows to the couch and use soft blankets to accent sofas and chairs. Modify the lighting by using products from Next Day Blinds and adding floor and table lamps. Make sure you’re using stylish pieces that help keep things warm in the winter, cool in the summer and allow you to play with the brightness in the room to create different moods. If you’ve got a spot to kick back and watch your favorite shows or read a good book, you’ll feel much more at ease. Don’t forget to add a side table or tray where you can rest your coffee mug or glass of wine while you unwind.

Add Personal Touches

Whether you’re there for just a year or you’ve moved into your forever home, you need to make the space your own. Display meaningful items like family keepsakes or favorite photographs, even if you just start by sticking them to the fridge. If it feels cluttered or out of place to display personal items at first, that’s okay. Remember that you can always reorganize later. Your main goal is getting your heart and mind adjusted to your new place, and personal touches can go a long way.

Remember, it takes time to adjust to a new home. Set yourself up for success by preparing for these simple tasks to help make the transition an easier one.

16 thoughts on “Making Your New Place Feel More Like a Home

  1. These are definitely a great advice and I am going to follow these as I am planning to redecorate our house decor.

  2. I love when the rooms energy is changed by a scent that takes me somewhere else. Essential oils are amazing and Japanese incense are my favorites. Window covers change the room as well! We just got blinds and it really completes the room

  3. It can be difficult to get a new home feeling comfortable an “homey” when you first move in. These are really great tips on accomplishing that!

  4. I loved these suggestions! It’s great to use the same fragrances we used in our previous home with candles or essential oils.

  5. These are great suggestions and it feel so good to make your home more comfortable adding bright colors, comfy furniture and a good fragrance will definitely make it better.

  6. This is such a fun and great idea. It seems like my home would have positivity feels if I do this.

  7. I love this, I love interior decor so this is really fun. I love all the cushions!

  8. When I move I am going to do all of this. I look forward to having a cute accent wall I paint and adding my personal touches of plants more in my home.

  9. There’s not like personalizing your space. We love turning our home into a place we can make ours.

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