7 Pros & Cons of Hiring Property Maintenance Services in California

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It is essential for homeowners to understand how and what goes behind managing a rental property vs. hiring a property management company for long-term success. While self-management can help overall cost reduction, landlords must be prepared to take on all responsibilities that ensure a property’s ‘habitable’ state and sustain a healthy tenant-landlord relationship.

On the other hand, to avoid a full-time job of time-consuming tasks, including rent collection, emergency repairs, routine maintenance, and tenant relations, owners of multiple rental properties can take advantage of the property management industry, estimated to reach a global market size of $23.63 billion by 2026. 

Property maintenance is essential for all homeowners in California and varies depending on the property size, condition and services provided. Property managers can apply their knowledge about rental regulations, experience, and specialties to maintain a profitable investment and maximize ROI on your property. If you’re looking to undertake property management services in California, here are a few pros and cons that should help you determine whether it’s worth the price.

7 Advantages of Property Maintenance Services

  • Experience in Repairs & Regulations

One of the best things about utilizing services of property management San Francisco or other cities is that you will receive work from experienced individuals. These service providers are well-versed in different issues that properties face and equipped with tools and solutions to solve each grievance carefully. 

  • Quick Response Time 

Property maintenance services are quick to respond to different issues of a property. They can immediately pinpoint what is going wrong and draft solutions that will rectify the matter soon. With the help of property maintenance services, landlords will not have to worry about things taking up too much time to improve situations for a tenant’s stay.

  • Cut Excess Maintenance Costs 

Property maintenance services allow you to avoid unnecessary overheads that could otherwise take place without them. You only have to pay for specific rectifications without worrying about areas that do not have any damage on them. 

  • Better Time Management

With the help of property maintenance services, you will be able to manage time on other property requirements without having to spend too much time in one area. The service providers will efficiently handle their tasks, and you’ll be free to look after other areas of your home or rental property.

  • Help Assist With Property Placements

Property maintenance services look after your home or rental property and create better opportunities to attract new tenants. A well-maintained property is more appealing to tenants, and they will gravitate toward properties that give them a positive impression of their stay. 

  • Maintain the Upkeep of Your Assets

Property maintenance services allow you to keep essential parts of your home or rental property, such as electrical and plumbing, in a healthy shape. These services look after wiring, pipelines, drainage, appliance outlets, and other crucial parts and ensure that everything stays updated without any vulnerabilities.

  • Routine Maintenance 

Property maintenance services undertake consistent checkups, which can help identify potential issues before a homeowner or landlord notices them. They may conduct yearly visits to see if everything is running smoothly and may take up work if they feel something needs improvements or corrections. 

Did You Know?

As of 2023, a sum total of 316,374 property management companies are operational nationwide, with a 3.5% growth compared to the previous year. California recorded the highest figure (53,379) of companies due to high rental demands and a growing employment market. 

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7 Cons of Property Maintenance Services

  • Not Always Cost-Efficient

Property maintenance services can be a costly affair to take up consistently. Due to the depths of their services and solutions, it is natural that many of these providers may charge a significant amount for their work. However, it may not be possible for everyone to afford them how they would like.

  • Limited Control

Property maintenance services will give you limited control of your property for the work. If they have to make changes, add or remove things, they will have to go ahead even though you may not be willing to do it. While these may benefit your property, it is challenging to go about things when you do not have control over them. 

  • Time-Consuming

While property management service providers are efficient with their work, the process can be time-consuming if a lot is needed to be covered based on the condition and type of property. If you’re taking up a job for your home, large amounts of work may leave the property unlivable until all the work has been completed.

  • Affects Rentals

Property maintenance can take up a significant amount of time, affecting tenant stay. If work is not completed in the allotted timeline, you may lose out on tenants who may not want to wait longer for their stay. They may turn to a property that already has what they need.

  • It is Tricky to Find the Right Service

There may be numerous property maintenance services available nearby that promise different solutions. However, finding the most suitable one can be challenging. Not all of them may have the services you need, and not all may have a good reputation. In such situations, you must be mindful of your chosen provider and ensure they have what it takes to look after your property. 

  • Lack of Knowledge for New Homeowners

New or first-time homeowners may not know the type of property maintenance they should take up. It could lead to different challenges and the inability to find suitable service providers who will do a good job. 

  • Not Feasible at All Times

Homeowners may have limitations on the property maintenance they can take up. For example, they may not have the provisions to take up complete care in an apartment as it could affect other homes within the same building. 

Did You Know?

Only 42% of landlords can manage their properties, while the rest choose to hire a property management company (29%) or work with a management agent directly (25%). Additionally, more than 70% of property managers coordinate property inspection, advertising vacancies, and facilitating leases as part of their daily tasks.


Undertaking property maintenance is an essential requirement for all homeowners and landlords. However, as with everything, this also has advantages and disadvantages. Hence, before taking up any maintenance work, thoroughly understand the requirements and how it will benefit your profits and investments in the long run.

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