Make Your Family Reunion Unforgettable

Are you planning a getaway with all your extended family? Turn it into an event to remember by making it a family reunion complete with special dinners, games and excursions. Make sure everyone will want to attend by doing a few simple things to convince them it’ll be an event to remember.

Brand Together!

One of the best ways to make everyone feel welcome and excited about the family event is to get themed swag. Come up with a catchy slogan and have it printed on water bottles, tote bags, and t-shirts by going to Not only is this a great way for everyone to bond and feel like part of the family whether they’re in-laws, stepkids or long-lost cousins, it also has the added benefit of making sure you can quickly identify all members of your group. If you can swing it, consider getting different shirts for different days, or team shirts if your family is big into playing games of flag football, ultimate frisbee or kickball. 

Price Point Friendly

To make sure all members of your family can travel to your reunion destination, first find a location that is centrally located only a few hours’ drive or inexpensive flight fare away. Choose a lodging partner that everyone can afford, from the most cash-strapped to the first-class luxury seekers among you. This doesn’t mean that you should find the cheapest motel around but rather that you book a place that offers a wide array of rooms depending on one’s budget, from a simple twin bed in a room with a shared bathroom to separate cottages or two-bedroom hotel rooms. See if the hotel or resort will give you a group discount and consider seeing if those that are more financially comfortable can help offset the cost of a few rooms or meals so that even the college students living on instant oatmeal can attend. 

All Ages Welcome

A successful family reunion includes all members of your family, so plan events that everyone of all ages and abilities can participate in. Your octogenarian grandmother may not be up for a hike in the woods, but she’d probably love to host a crafting session or watch old family movies. The toddlers and their parents may not have the energy to participate in late-night movie marathons or glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, so make sure events are scattered throughout the day so no one feels left out. By planning activities that are approachable in both topics and timings for all family reunion guests, you’ll ensure everyone walks away from the vacation with nothing but good things to say.

Planning a family reunion doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Manage expectations by reminding yourself and your family that every moment does not need to be scheduled and that event participation is not mandatory. Think carefully about the types of family members attending and what would make the event enjoyable for them and plan accordingly. By thinking of those around you, you’ll be sure to plan a trip that everyone is thrilled to attend.


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