Looking After Your Hearing Is Vital

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If you want to protect your hearing, you should consider looking at hearing health and longevity. In addition, let’s run through some tips to help further!

1. Protect your ears from loud noises 

Noise is one of the main causes of hearing loss today. Hence the importance of protecting yourself in the event of exposure to noise sources. There is, in fact, noise everywhere: busy places, your neighbor’s lawn mower, and other ambient noises Some tips include:

  • A noisy workplace? Make a habit of wearing hearing protection.
  • Avoid closed and noisy environments.
  • At concerts and festivals, keep your distance from the speakers and always wear hearing protection.
  • Avoid listening to music too loudly for too long.

2. Avoid using headphones for long periods of time 

Using headphones for several hours a day can irreparably damage your hearing, but it can also cause tinnitus, headaches, and irritation. Wearing a headset introduces higher-intensity sound waves into the inner ear. Result: the hearing cells that process sound quickly find themselves overloaded. Lesions likely to damage hearing, the key. In about 5% of cases, hearing loss is due to improper use of headphones. Follow these tips to get the most out of it and protect your ears:

  • Preferably use “over-ear” headphones that cover your ears. This model allows sound to be better diffused and away from the ear, which automatically reduces the volume of sound in the ear;
  • Never wear your helmet for more than an hour. Let your ears rest by taking a hearing break from time to time;
  • Never exceed the volume of 60 decibels.

3. Clean your ears properly 

Contrary to popular belief, earwax is not “dirty”. Earwax protects the ear canal from water, dirt, and foreign objects. It is therefore better not to completely eliminate it from the ear canal.

It is unnecessary and potentially dangerous to clean your ears with cotton swabs. They can indeed cause injuries that can cause infections. And these infections can, in turn, cause perforation of the eardrum and hearing loss. Just clean the outer pinna of your ears. 

Do you suffer from excess earwax – talk to your local nurse or ENT.

4. Adopt a healthy lifestyle 

We cannot stress it enough: lifestyle contributes to good hearing. Exercise is essential for your physical condition. By exercising regularly, you stimulate blood circulation in the ear and keep it functioning optimally. Another great tip: limit your alcohol consumption. Give yourself a drink every now and then, but pay attention to how often you drink. The effects of alcohol can damage your hearing. Just like tobacco. Regular smokers are more likely to suffer from poor circulation, which leads to permanent hearing damage. 

5. Appointment each year with your hearing aid professional 

Hearing loss is very progressive and it is also often barely perceptible, so it’s important to go to a professional like this hearing aid doctor Katy Texas, or wherever it is you are, should you feel like something isn’t quite right with your ears.


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