Don’t Let Your Children Lose Their Hearing

Loss of hearing is a serious, potentially permanent, widespread and growing problem among U.S. youth — and yet is often not talked about or fully understood by even the most health-conscious parents. What makes this issue especially tricky to tackle is the group it affects. Children can make hearing loss difficult to detect because they may not realize that there is a problem. If they are experiencing symptoms, odds are that they won’t associate them with the real cause and will be reluctant to bring it up to their parents. 

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Is There Always a Connection Between Tinnitus and Hearing Loss?

Tinnitus is an irritating problem with a multitude of causes and very few remedies. It is a sound that the brain processes but the sound has no outside cause. The sound can manifest in many ways, as ringing, buzzing, humming, whistling, hissing, and more. People can experience the sound in one ear or in both. It might happen constantly or occasionally. Fortunately, there are hearing aids that offer tinnitus treatment solutions

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