Do These Before Having Kids! 4 Fun Activities for Married Couples

Contributed by Hannah Whittenly 

After you get married and before you have kids is a great time to have some fun as a married couple. This is an outstanding time to get to know each other better. Here are four ideas that you may want to consider:

Stay in a Couples-Only Hotel

Several resorts offer accommodations for couples only. You can find them located in a variety of locations including the United States, Dominican Republic, Canary Islands and Maya. Many offer special couples-only activities including whirlpools with ocean views, spas with treatments for two and group sex games. Some even offer clothing-optional beaches. Most have bars with many staying open late along with intimate dining options. The level of freedom varies greatly at these resorts.

Go on a Cruise

Many high-end cruise lines have cruises for adults only. If you are tired of the normal cruise routine, then consider a river cruise on a smaller ship instead. Do not overlook the possibility of going on a riverboat cruise. Many are all inclusive with plenty of wine and adult-orientated daytime activities planned. Usually, you will not find children on longer itineraries like an around-the-world cruise.

Backcountry Camping

If you and your spouse love to be self-sufficient, then consider a backcountry camping trip. You can hike the Great Wall of China, climb Mount Everest, climb through the Scottish Highlands or walk along the Cordillera Paine. There are plenty of opportunities in the United States as well. You can go backcountry camping in many national park—including Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Rocky Mountains National Parks. There are also shorter backpacking trips that you can take where you can go along with other married couples looking for a good time.

Go on a Hunting Adventure

Many couples enjoy going hunting together. Hunting together is a chance to reconnect with each other and to slow down as you reconnect with nature. It is also a chance to fill your freezer with fresh meat or donate the meat to those less fortunate. If you’re new to hunting, then you should consider using a preserve, like Cypress Ridge Hunting Preserve, where you can get the assistance you may need due to lack of experience. You could hunt pretty much anything—like deer, wild hogs, antelope and turkey. Just make sure that you hunt in season and follow all local laws regarding the activity.

Before you have children is a great time to explore the world! Although starting your family is a great endeavor, taking the time for go on adventures is important. It will help build your relationship which will be the foundation of your family.

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