Is Your Kids’ Hobby Turning Into More? 5 Signs Your Kid Is Becoming More Serious

We all have hobbies, and we encourage our kids to have hobbies as well. The thing that you need to remember as a parent is that you might not always understand your kid’s hobby, but you don’t need to. It’s not for you to understand why it makes them happy or why they love it, you just need to be there to give them the encouragement that they need, and show them your support. In this article, we’re going to be looking at 5 of the signs that your kid is becoming more serious about their hobby. If you would like to find out more about this topic, keep reading down below to find out more. 

They Are Stuck To News Like Glue

First, you will find that if they are becoming more serious about their hobby that they are stuck to the news like glue. For example, if they are into football, they are going to want to know all about college football hot seat coaches when they are announced, and they are going to be looking at drafts, etc when they come on. It’s important to know that this on its own does not mean that they are becoming more serious. In fact, sometimes this can just be that they are super interested in the hobby that they have chosen.

It’s more likely though that they are taking their hobby more seriously. As such, we recommend that you do everything in your power to become more involved in their hobby. If you do this now, then you will already be well-informed by the time they get to an age where they are seriously considering their career options and might be thinking about turning their hobby into a career.

It’s All They Talk About

Another sign is that their hobby is all they talk about. If they live, eat, sweat, and breathe their hobby, then this is a sure sign that they are taking it a little more seriously than a way to fill their free time. People don’t tend to spend hours on end, for days, weeks, and months talking about something if they don’t enjoy it, so you, as the parent, should make a big effort to ensure that they have someone to talk to. Of course, they have their friends and they might have made more friends through their hobby, but you want to be informed as well. You want them to feel as though they can talk to you about anything, and if this means learning about something that you are not interested in, then this is what you are going to need to do.

They Are Happy

Some parents don’t like the hobby that their child has chosen, and because of that, they try to get them to change things. However, just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean that it’s not a valid option. The happiness of your child should be the thing that matters most in the world, and if this hobby does that for them, and they are now seriously considering taking it more seriously, then you shouldn’t do it to them. You should never discourage your child from something that makes them happy, no matter what it is. 

As a parent, you have three jobs. Keep your children happy, healthy, and safe. Anything else is just a bonus, but this doesn’t mean that you have to always understand the things that create this happiness. Let them have this thing, and let them try to turn it into a career if they want to. Let them be whatever they want them to be.

They Work Hard To Achieve Goals In It

It might be the case that you have noticed that your kid is working harder to achieve their goals in the hobby they have chosen. This might not be something that is usual for your kid, and this is a sure-fire sign that they are becoming more serious about it. As long as your kid is working hard for it, we really don’t see any kind of problem. Make sure that their grades at school aren’t dropping, and ensure that they remain healthy, happy, and safe. If these things are true of your child, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard for their hobby, especially if it seems like they are now thinking about taking this more seriously for their future. 

They Are Asking For More Time To Dedicate To It

The final thing that we are going to mention is that they may not be asking, or trying to find more time that they can dedicate to their chosen activity. If they want to spend all their free time pursuing this, then there is no reason why they can’t. As long as they are not isolating themselves from you, and they are still making time to see friends, this is fine. They might even have a hobby that demands they socialize such as a sport which is great news. Don’t forget that hobbies like this can be the perfect catalyst to help them excel in their career later down the road. It will push them to new heights and at the same time, encourage them to reach out to new friendship groups. 

The more time they spend doing their hobby, the better it might actually be for them. Give it some time and see how things progress, working out the best way to move forward at any given time based on what you are seeing.


We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the signs that your kid is becoming more serious about their hobby. It is common for kids to choose a hobby that they then decide to pursue when they are older, so all you need to do is encourage them. Give them all the help they need, and help them to believe that they can do it, because we’re sure that they can. We wish you the very best of luck and hope that you have found this useful.

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