How to Survive a Cross-Country Road Trip with Kids

Planning a road trip for your family’s next holiday, trip or outing can have many benefits. From saving on airfare to the chance to visit unique spots and interesting locations along the way, car trips can be a lot of fun. They can also be tedious, uncomfortable and fraught with conflict and arguments. A little planning and forethought will help to ensure you are better equipped to survive a cross-country road trip with kids.

Snacks and Menu Plans

Packing your own meals and snacks isn’t just less expensive, it’s also healthier. Visiting a drive-through or stocking up on snacks from a vending machine often means lots of refined sugar. Sugary drinks, caffeine and other unhealthy snacks could cause energy levels to spike and then quickly plummet meaning that kids are more likely to be rowdy, rambunctious or to misbehave.

Media and Entertainment

Tedium, monotony and boredom are often the most common issues during a long car trip. Having a few games to play or a stack of DVDs in order to keep backseat passengers entertained can make a world of difference. While media and digital entertainment have become more portable than ever, care should still be taken to ensure your driver is able to concentrate on the road. Distracted driving is very dangerous. Having to call for a tow or to seek out car accident lawyers following a collision is not the way you want your trip to end. Make sure that you take safety precautions and have kids wear headphones when watching DVD’s if they will distract your driving.

Route Planning

While it may be tempting to just see where the road takes you, failing to plan out your route in advance is often disastrous. Going over the map in order to find the shortest route or to identify any additional stops and attractions you want to see along the way is something that should be done before you ever leave the driveway. A well-planned car trip is far more likely to be an enjoyable experience.

Breaks and Rest Stops

Having to sit in the back seat for hours on end can become very uncomfortable. Taking plenty of breaks along the way helps to ensure that everyone is able to stay relaxed and comfortable during the trip. Going too long without a rest stop could find your kids fighting, arguing or finding other ways to make the trip more difficult.

A family car trip does not have to be an ordeal. Careful planning and adequate preparation can eliminate many potential issues, problems or sources of conflict. From healthy snacks to frequent rest breaks, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your upcoming cross-country road trip won’t turn into a survival experience.

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