Snacks that Are Both Vegan and Healthy

Nuts and fruit are popular vegan snacks. Even long-term vegans are astonished from time to time when they come across foods that they did not expect to be vegan.

There are a number of articles online that identify junk foods and fast foods that are vegan in an unexpected or inadvertent way if you’re interested. Dietitians, on the other hand, are constantly on the search for healthful vegan snacks and desserts made with better ingredients.

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5 Ways To Celebrate Easter As a Family

While most of us may have traditions we adhere to each and every year for the holidays, perhaps 2021 is a year you try something new. Things are definitely different than in years past with the pandemic, but there are some great ways to make the best of these times with you and yours. 

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How to Survive a Cross-Country Road Trip with Kids

Planning a road trip for your family’s next holiday, trip or outing can have many benefits. From saving on airfare to the chance to visit unique spots and interesting locations along the way, car trips can be a lot of fun. They can also be tedious, uncomfortable and fraught with conflict and arguments. A little planning and forethought will help to ensure you are better equipped to survive a cross-country road trip with kids. Continue reading “How to Survive a Cross-Country Road Trip with Kids”

3 Back 2 School Snacks Your Kids Can Make Themselves

As the summer is coming to a close, the schools are opening back up for another year of study. As your children get older, they’ll have more responsibilities and harder lessons to learn at school. You can add on a few responsibilities at home. If you add food to a chore, most kids will be excited about it. For this school year, give your children the task of preparing their own school snacks. Consider these three to get started.

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt parfaits are fun to make because of the layers. Once your child picks out their favorite granola and toppings from the store, you can let them have a ball with their mixture. Provide clear plastic bowls so they can see the layers they’re creating. Provide toppings like fresh blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. They can add layers until they’ve filled the bowl. Just make sure the bowl isn’t too big. The last thing you’d want is a full belly from a snack.
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Healthy Snacking with Slammers! #CoolSchool18

I can remember when I was younger and it was back to school time. I used to get so excited about the kitty on my lunchbox and the red Power Ranger on my backpack. Yep, I was a little everywhere but one of the things my mother made the most exciting was our snacks. We didn’t have snacks like Slammers Snacks back then. We usually had baby carrots, chips, or something similar but she would draw faces on the bags, etc. Times sure have changed and now, kids have access to some amazing snacking options and Slammers is leading the way!

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Healthy Snacks For A Road Trip With Kids

When we’re heading off to a long trip with our kids, snacks are an essential item! Unfortunately, convenient snacks for kids are often pretty unhealthy, not to mention expensive. Keeping our small kids occupied in the back seat can be challenging at the best of times, without constant cries of “I’m hungry!” resonating around the car (which can drive anyone crazy).

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10 Snacks You Need to Avoid

When you get hungry you want to eat. The problem is, most foods available are either unhealthy or processed with ingredients that add calories without energy. But that doesn’t change the fact that you need to eat something when you’re hungry between meals. These are 10 snacks that you should definitely avoid.

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12 Sweet Santa Snacks

The kids will be out of school for Christmas break in a few days.  Are you looking for something fun to do with them? I bet they’d love to make any one of these 12 Sweet Santa Snacks!

Hey, you could start a new tradition making Holiday treats one day every year. Make memories you both can look back on and smile about. Before you know it, they will be all grown up!
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Serve Bakerly Authentic French Recipe Breads and Pastries this Holiday Season

Bakerly non-GMO French recipe breads and pastries are delicious!

About Bakerly

Bakerly originated when Julien and Fabian, two Bretons (from Brittany, in the North West of France) decided to combine their efforts and talents to convince American consumers that crêpes, brioches, and other traditional French products deserved a place in every American household.

I must say, I am so glad they did! If you like fresh, soft, melt in your mouth bread, you’re going to love Bakerly! We had the opportunity to sample their Strawberry filled Crepes, Brioche Rolls, Chocolate filled Crepes, and Hand Braided Brioche. Everything was delivered in a careful manner leaving nothing mashed!
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