How to Make Your Backyard a Place You’ll Actually Want to Spend Time In

If you’ve found that you haven’t spent a whole lot of time in your backyard, it may be due to the fact that it’s just not exciting. Instead of just letting it sit there unused, you should transform the space into one that you’ll enjoy. Here are some simple tips for making your backyard one that you’ll actually want to spend time in.

Build A Patio Or Deck

One main reason you may not spend any time outdoors is that you simply don’t have any place to sit. By simply building a patio or even a deck, you’ll likely find yourself outside more often. It’s much easier to enjoy a day outdoors when you can easily walk out on your deck and not have to worry about getting your shoes all muddy or finding a place to put your chair.


One of the biggest things that you can do to make your backyard a more desirable place to be is to landscape. There are many different designs and flora to choose from. In fact, you may even decide to go with a hardscape design which requires little to no maintenance. Just enhancing your backyard to have an intended design that attracts the eye will have you wanting to spend more time outdoors.

Consider Adding A Firepit

One of the best ways to relax during a beautiful evening is to sit around a fire. You can install a firepit or even an outdoor fireplace in your backyard. This will give you a designated place to enjoy gathering with family and friends during the evening hours. If you want to upgrade even further, consider having pavers installed around your firepit so that gatherers have a level surface to place their chairs on.

Protect Against Pests

You can have the most beautiful backyard landscape on the planet, however, pests can render it unusable. It’s not relaxing when you end up getting bit up by mosquitos or other pests when you’re hanging out in your backyard. Protection can be as simple as installing candles. You can even talk with your local pest control company to learn what they can do to keep pests at bay in your backyard.


Enjoying your backyard all starts with having an environment that is welcoming. When you include some of the features above, you can create a backyard that yearns for your attention. The more features you add, the more you’ll discover just what components make the perfect backyard for you to spend time in.

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  1. Wow, loved the ideas. I will definitely implement some of those in my backyard. I have one question though can you grow plants under a trampoline? Is it safe? I know it’s not totally related but I have a small backyard and a large trampoline.

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