Easy DIY Tips for Sewer Blockage

Contributed by Ashley Kinsela

Drain or sewer blockage is quite a common problem. Anyone can encounter the same, but you need to know how to handle the same. Mostly people take the help of the professionals to get rid from such situations but with a little effort you can also clear the sewer blockages. The only thing you need is a little information and you can easily accomplish the purpose. In this way you will be able to save a few bucks and also find some DIY solutions to your deal with the sewer blockage as well.

4 DIY tips to clean your sewer blockage:

So here are some of the important tips that you can follow for clearing the sewer blockage. The best part is that all these tips are simple and easy to implement therefore it becomes effortless for anyone to give it a try.

  • Vinegar with baking soda – This is one of the easiest ways to clean the drain. If you find that the water is not drained properly and there is something that is blocking the way of water and you can clean the clogged areas by using some soda and vinegar mixture. For this you just have to take equal quantities of baking soda and vinegar. As soon as you see the fizz, just pour down the same into the drain and wait for some time. In seconds all the particles clogging the drain will flow out immediately and it will get cleaned. Now pour hot water over it and clean the sewer lines completely.
  • Use wire hanger – Now this mind sound like a bit strange but yes, your wire hanger can prove to be handy in this situation. You have to take the hanger and straighten it. Now bent one end of the hanger so that it forma a hook and can be used as fishing. Now put the hanger into the drain and start moving it in circular motion. Soon you will be able to collect all the solid particles that are clogging the drain. Do not push the hanger inside the drains and try to plug out the deposited garbage from the drains, with your hanger.
  • Caustic soda – Just like you use baking soda, you can use caustic soda as well. The only difference is that caustic soda is a bit stronger and can be highly effective. You need to mix 3 cups of soda in one bucket of cold water. Mix the solution to get a fizz and pour it in the drain. Leave it for the next 30 minutes and then pour hot water over it. Your drain gets cleaned and you are able to overcome the problem of sewer blockage.
  • Your detergent powder – This is yet another effective way to clean the clogged drains. All you need to heat a bucket of water and when it is fully boiled add some detergent powder to it. Pour the same into the drain and leave it for the next few minutes. Now run cold water and everything will become clear. This is how you can easily clean the drain and that too in no time.

So, you can easily follow the above ways to get rid of the clogged drain. It is all about how much the drain is clogged. If in case the above methods do not work, then you can definitely call the professionals for your help as they can suggest better solutions. As they know how to deal with the problem, they will be able to come up with the right solution that is meant for you.

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