How to Help your Baby Through Teething Pain

Has your baby been getting cranky and irritated most of the time? Does your baby bite on everything around them? Then these could be signs that your baby is teething and the inflamed gums are causing so much pain and discomfort to the baby. There is no need to panic as you can help your baby through the teething pain, without rushing to the doctor.

Common Signs of Teething in Babies

•Excessive drooling.
• Strong urge to bite on everything.
• Very low appetite.
• Easily irritable and gets cranky most of the times.
• Tender and inflamed gums.
• Frequent rubbing of ears and cheeks.
• Become fussier at night, and their sleep appears disturbed.
• In rare cases, babies develop fever and rashes.

Many babies start teething as early as three months old, and the above signs will start manifesting. Teething is quite a painful process, and it causes discomfort in babies. However, you can help your baby through the teething pain in different ways.

Ways of Soothing Teething Pain

Use Teething Toys

There are some teething toys that you can give your baby to bite on and relieve their pain. These toys are soft and safe for babies to use. Some of these toys are liquid-filled, but rubber teething rings are a great alternative, as the former may accidentally leak the liquid inside. There are also teething necklaces that mothers wear so their babies can bite on them. Star Walk Kids website will help you get the best teething toys and necklaces.

Rub your Baby’s Teeth

Using a clean pinky finger, you can help ease your baby’s teething by gently rubbing on the gums. This gives the baby a soothing experience, and you will notice how calm they will be when you start massaging their gums. 

Use a Cold Washcloth on your Baby’s Gums.

The cold sensation can be very soothing to the baby, as it will numb the painful gums for a while. You can refrigerate a wet washcloth for an hour then rub it on the baby’s gums. You can also chill your baby’s teething toys for a while then give them to your baby to bite on.

Cuddle your Baby for Comfort

Due to the pain on their gums, babies may become irritable. They will need comfort and extra attention. Cuddle your baby more to comfort them. You can even strap them into a structured carrier. Star Walk Kids has a variety of structured carrier suitable for you. The baby will feel some comfort just being closer to you. Massage their little feet as you cuddle them, it makes them feel soothed, and it will distract them from the pain. 

Use Painkillers

If the baby is still cranky after comforting them and soothing them, then painkillers will help curb the pain. However, you should seek the doctor’s opinion on the best medication to use. The baby’s age matters a lot when administering medication, therefore, ask a doctor to prescribe a painkiller for your baby. 

Give your Baby a Solid Food to Gnaw.

If you have already introduced solid foods to your baby, then a piece of any hard food to bite on may soothe their gums. Peel and clean a slice of apple and give your baby to bite on. However, when they are gnawing on the piece of apple ensure you are around them, so the apple doesn’t choke them. You can also chill the slice of apple to give the baby an extra soothing sensation.

The secret is keeping your baby as comfortable as possible to reduce the crankiness. You can feed them well and ensure they get enough sleep. Play with them too to ensure they are distracted from the pain.


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