How to Find the Best School for Your Child When Moving

Moving to a new city is tough for everybody in the family. Moving with kids is more demanding for parents for several different reasons. Apart from picking the right neighborhood and spacious home, parents also have to deal with choosing the right school for their young ones. Whether your kid is just starting school or needs to continue their education, picking the proper environment is essential for their development. Furthermore, dealing with adapting process and accepting the new school makes this endeavor even scarier. Luckily, we’ve got a guide for you. Here’s everything you need to know so you can find the best school for your child when moving and make this relocation a breeze. 

Do some online research

Even though this shouldn’t be your only source of information, the internet can be of enormous help. Research local schools in the area you’re moving to, visit their websites and read reviews. You can find information about their programs, check ratings, and see what other people think about those schools. Check websites such as, where you can find details about schools and read reviews made by parents and students. Still, don’t forget to find some other sources of information, too. To find the best school for your child, begin your search online.

Talk to your realtor 

Real estate agents can be of massive help when picking the right place to live. However, they can also help you find the best school for your child when moving. When working with experienced professionals, you can expect they know a lot about the local area and the most prominent institutions. If you’re moving to a big city, ask your agent to give you a list of the best schools that are close to your home, so you can compare them and pick a favorite. 

Visit the schools you like

It’s always better to visit the schools you like to obtain more information about their courses, teachers and environment. Sometimes, it’s not possible to do that, for example, when people move long-distance. However, it’s best to narrow your search to a couple of favorite schools, make a trip to your new place, and dedicate a day to visiting schools with your kids. It will give you peace of mind and help your kids get a better idea of their new school. Finally, meeting some of the teachers will ensure they don’t feel like strangers on their very first day. That’s why it is essential to contact the schools you’ve chosen and schedule a visit. 

Coordinate the school and the new home 

When you want to narrow the search among great schools in an area, consider your new house. You want the school to be close to your new home, as it will significantly reduce commute time for you and be a much safer option for your kids. Therefore, coordinating school and your hosing options will make it easier to choose each one of these. One thing you should know is that when you apply for a public school in your area, you’ll need proof of residency. Make sure your new home and the child’s school are not too far from each other.

Ask for recommendations 

We have mentioned that the internet shouldn’t be your only source of information when it comes to the best schools for your child. And by that we mean you should ask around and get information from parents whose kids went or go to those schools. There are several ways to do this. Firstly, let people know that you’re preparing to relocate. Inform your friends and relatives; put a post on your social networks, etc. There will probably be someone who knows something more about the place you’re moving to. Also, you can connect to the local parents by joining some Facebook groups, forums, or through other social networks. Get creative and try to find out the information you can’t find on official websites. 

Have a couple of options 

You probably have a favorite by now, but make sure you have a backup plan in case that doesn’t work out. Out of all the schools you find, narrow your list to the top three options for your kid to enroll. Compare their courses, find out information and enrollment, and be prepared for every scenario. Moreover, if your child starts school and it doesn’t go well, don’t be afraid to change the school and look for a better option. The most important thing is that your child studies in a supportive environment that suits their needs, talents, and preferences

Make time to focus on the search 

It takes a lot of effort to find the best school for your child. However, cross-country moving preparation and organization take away a lot of time as well. As your child’s education is more important, make sure you have a successful and simple relocation handled by a team of reliable pros. Letting others deal with packing and other moving tasks will give you enough time to focus on the school search and your children’s needs. To ensure you make the righ decision, make the time to do thorough search.

After the move

Pay close attention to the period that comes after the move. Children, especially teenagers, can experience different emotions when moving. Some of them may find it hard to start a new school, meet new friends, etc. That’s why you should do as much as you can to help them adjust to the new environment and be positive all the time. When you set out to find the best school for your child, make sure you involve your kids, respect their opinion and bring them to see the schools you like. Point out the benefits of moving and the advantages of the new school, so it’s easier for them to accept the changes that are about to happen. A smooth relocation will involve dealing with many things, but the most important one is your child. 

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