What To Do When You Move Into A New House With Water Problems

Moving into a new house is an exciting experience. The possibilities are almost endless and the additional space or any space if it is your first house, makes it an experience to be savored.

Of course, before you move in you should have a survey done, this will usually be insisted on by the mortgage company. It can help you be aware of what issues you will be facing when you move in. However, a survey doesn’t guarantee that all issues will be picked up on. You do need to be prepared for finding issues after you move in. One of the most unpleasant ones is discovering you have water problems.

Types of Water Problems

The most common issue is a leak that has gone undetected. This will require tracing and fixing. But, there can also be issues with drainage, water ingress, and even the water heater not working properly. 

It is important to know what to do when you move into a house with these issues.

Water Ingress In The Basement

This is when you may need to invest in mine dewatering pumps if there isn’t one already fitted. When water gets into the basement of your home, potentially through old and failing damp proof courses or issues with how the water drains away from your home, you need to have a way of eliminating it. 

You should note that this is particularly important if you discover you have moved into an area that is prone to flooding.

The pump sits in a pit in the basement floor and automatically activates when it detects water, pumping it outside your home. If the pump isn’t working you can get a flooded house. You will need to have the pump repaired, although you may prefer to simply replace it.


One of the most likely water issues in a new home is a leak. This can be difficult to trace, you will need to look for signs of water damage to help you identify the source. 

The good news is that it is easy to check if you have a leak or not. Simply stop using the water and take a meter reading. Take another reading several hours later and, if the meter has moved, you have a leak. 

Consider Responsibility

The most pressing concern with a water problem is to eliminate the issue, ensuring you are not wasting water, risking a flooded house, or managing without hot water. 

However, you also need to consider responsibility. If you are renting the place then the landlord is responsible and you will need to tell them as quickly as possible. If you have bought the place it is worth speaking to the real estate agent as it may be something that the previous owner should have disclosed.

Don’t forget, whatever the issue, if you can’t fix it yourself there are plenty of plumbers available who will deal with the issue for you. 

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