Baby Teething Symptoms: 5 Signs of a Teething Baby

Parents wait for their baby’s teeth to come in. This is a big time in their life as it involves care. Most babies will get their first tooth at 6 months and some, between 3 to 14 months. For babies, teething may come with some symptoms which parents need to know in order to provide the right care. Symptoms may vary among babies, as some may show signs while others may not show any signs at all. As a parent, you should know what those symptoms may be so that you can take a proper care of your teething baby.  

Here are 5 signs of a teething baby  

  1. Biting more than usual

If you baby starts biting more than usual, you should then know that he/she is teething. Your baby will bite at any given opportunity, will bite at whatever comes their way, all the time. From toys to spoons, your baby will go on biting and chewing spree which is a good indication of teething. When that happens, you should buy teething toys so that your angel can chew on that and benefit rather than harm their soft gums. So, don’t let your biting baby damage their tooth or gum and provide the right care.  

  1. Excessive drool

When your baby drools a lot, it should be considered a teething issue. Even when newborn, he/she will drool a lot as it’s their way of learning to swallow their saliva. Drooling is not bad neither harmful and even if it goes on, you should not feel worried whatsoever. With drooling, your baby may also lubricate their tender gums and go on with their teething easily. It’s also possible that drooling may stop after a few days in newborn babies, but it can never stop when they are teething.

  1. Pain at night

If your baby has turned fussier than usual at night, you should know it’s teething. Your little one may be experiencing some pain at night, so his / her comfort level is gone. Teething pain is more felt at night as there are little distractions. And if you find the baby behaving awkward, particularly at night, you should consider it a teething issue. The pain will mostly be mild in nature but even it can keep your baby uncomfortable making them fussier than they were before.    

  1. Sleep pattern disturbances

Teething can also cause discomfort. It may be the reason behind a disturbed sleep pattern of your baby. Chances are, your little one might wake up earlier in the morning than he/she does. This should not worry you because it’s quite a common symptom of teething. Pain is the reason why the sleep is not usual for your baby and you should not take it seriously. This problem will be there for a few days unless your baby gets adjusted to the situation. No need to consult the dentist even if your baby’s sleep pattern gets changed as it happens during teething.   

  1. Fever and rashes

Teething may cause a slight fever to your baby. But if the fever persists beyond a day or two, it’s always better to consult the dentist and doctor and be on the safe side. Similarly, facial rashes may also happen due to extra drool your baby creates. The drool may also cause chafing and coughing as the throat gets choked. Another common symptom of teething may include diarrhoea. Clearly, teething is a big phase in the life of your baby and only care can help them better. You can also consult a dentist and know lingual braces cost in India to deal with any future dental issues.


Contributed by Praveen Singh

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